Snoop Dog Sensual Seduction

I know that I shouldn’t, but I just COULDN’T resist posting the video for the new Snoop Dog Song!!! It is mad funny/creative.

Mods, close thread if this violates the rules.

Do you?

I like the uncut version better… It sounds more funny when he says “Sexual Eruption”

awesome using the actual talk box… but wrong forum

So umm you guys like that song ?

I love this song already, the whole vibe and theme is awesome! Reminds me of the late 80s early 90s funkadelics. :smokin:

Sucks that this thread will probably end up closed.

If the lyrics weren’t so cheesy it would be one of teh best songs ever.

Sadly they are, and that makes the song ultra retarded.

It still kicks ass though

You know he must of rolled up the fattiest blunt filled with straight Cali chronic before he made the video but it still good shit had me rollin when i first saw it.

I like the song.
but there’s nothing senual nor seductive about seeing a brown colored skeleton rap to you.

that video/song is too dope.

dasiatic, the actual real name is “Sexual Eruption” but had to be changed for mainstreem. so maybe that’s why you dont find it sensual or seductive. =]


I don’t see anything wrong with the vid. So yeah, it stays.

The vid is dope as hell. I put this shit on my psp…

Lol, the afro/goatee look works for him. Makes him look less thin.

song is funny as fuck, funniest part is chicks really like this song.

I had to look up this board just to see if anybody else have seen this video, and I’m glad I did. This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen and the video definition itself looked as if it was taped in 1983. This is an instant classic. I can’t stop watching it.