SNK Vs. Capcom SvC Chaos - Good Game Thread

Well I know not a lot of people here on SRK like this game…but I play it mostly for fun. I mostly use Hugo and have played a lot of people so far. Only person that comes to mind with now is SilentNinja23…so GGs when we did play. Aslo GGs to everyone else I might have played from here…sorry for not remember your names. Alright later.


I played some people, I don’t remember who, but ggs. I go by Crater Hellion at my friend’s house.

the only person i’v played that i recognize from SRK is guilemike so gg’s to you.

I poorly play Goenitz, I try not to use his tornados too much. Especially if my opponent isnt GCing

What was the release date for this game?

Punk Out

Political Anarc, the game is out already for XBox.

Nocturnal, did you play SvC at Tilt in the AV Mall?

SVC CHAOS is blasphemy, it is worshipping SATAN, it is a felony, a crime, a sin, SVH CHAOS is EVIL!

I do too.

Heh heh, I know Silent Nija. I talk to you on AIM. I’m Ever Eat Wasabi :slight_smile:

Yea I play there like every Friday or so…Im the somewhat tall hispanic guy that plays there. I play all the games…so you guys have probably played me before. I’ve been playing online on MAME and now for Xbox so I’ll see you guys there. Alright later.


Hmm… I may have seen you there before. I’m the dark brown kid that usually has a back-pack. I have black hair and I’m usually playing Chaos.

Do you talk to Alex? The kid that looks Spanish (but really Indian) and usually play SC2 and DDR.

Hey SilentNinja glad to see that you post here.

GG’es I’ve played against you, my gamer tag is Berszerk.

GG of course to Fire Hadoken, Zannennn, Jake, Vatoloco, DreamTR.

gg’s to all srk peeps

Good games to Mentum. Your Terry is as good as mine or better.

I didn’t want to clone fight you and its funner to try and beat Terry with other charactes although the lag could have been better.

Does anyone know how to do easier the raging demon of akuma his exceed. Their are some people who did it easy while I struggle?

I have a question on live.

In the Lobbies how do some people make matches from outside the lobby. I sometimes see 3 people their all three are gamplaying.

Also is their a way to watch matches, of other people playing?

Ok well to answer one of thoses I found it easier to do the raging demon after doing a jump-in punch or a cross over second the way ppl play outside of lobbies im guessing is if they are asked by ppl on thier friends list, thrid i dont think there is a way to watch matches other then saving ur match with the person u just played.

I just started playing Chaos on Live, and even though limbs and projectiles are flying through my opponents I’m still having a good time.

Handle: Zaireeka
Strategy: Erratic Nonsense

Most fireballs will combo though.

GG to Wontlose and Zannene.

Wontlost you got a wicked Demitri.

Dang your Terry mentum good game. Were are all the Geese and zero players???

Good games to :
Tekkenlord your Ryu is freaking good.
Zero you use Mars, damn alien is pretty good.

Ha. I actually beat some people with Balrog, Dan, and Vega. :slight_smile:

Good games to Shin Takuma.

At first I put him down in the Bad games thread for using Shin Karate and Shin Takuma but after talking with him on the head set he understands now that people dont like playing against the boss characters. Because he didn’t mind fighting them.

Heres the SvC X-box forums thread.

You can post their as well, its a little bigger then here.