SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Tournament

Exactly how many people would be interested in one? Yes, the game is broken, but I think we can fix that with a few rules. Mind you, this is the first time handling a tourney, so many someone else who’s more experienced can do it, but I definitely want one.

The rules will be as follows:

  1. No infinites (such as Zero’s, Geese’s, etc)
  2. No Athena or Red Arremer is allowed, EXCEPT you are allowed to have a Red Arremer/Athena vs. Red Arremer/Athena, but only if both opponents agree to it. That said, don’t bother challenging my Red Arremer, you will get owned.
  3. No Shin Akuma or Serious Mr. Karate, EXCEPT you are allowed Shin Akuma/Serious Mr. Karate vs. Shin Akuma/Serious Mr. Karate, but only if both opponents agree to it
  4. I don’t want to see any cheap ticking stuff with Akuma/Shin Akuma. Last time I faced someone, I got air fireball into Raging Demon (I blocked the fireball). If this game had a roll feature, then it would be valid, but currently, that strategy seems unavoidable in SvC unless you have a character that has moves with invincibility (Serious Mr. Karate can uppercut himself through the fireball, but most characters are doomed).
  5. Using Zero’s dp+K to crash the game is not allowed. Doing so will get you disqualified.

That and all the general recording rules, although I myself cannot record in SvC because it disables some of my attack buttons for some unknown reason. The date for this tourney is unknown, and may not happen if there isn’t anyone interested.

ill join

I’m in I guess.

Characters: Kim, Iori, Demitri, Sagat, Violent Ken, Akuma, Terry and Chun Li

Also, post possible characters you may use in the tournament…

Me, I’ll probably be Mars People, Shiki, Goenitz, Kyo or Iori/Crazy Iori

I join

Guile,Genyuro,Kyo,Iori,Ken,Ryo,Sagat,Shiki and Dimitri.