Snk vs capcom 3?

i was wondering if this could be in the makes or should be on the list of idea’s for upcoming development fighting games. it did success very well with both companys and its a great time to do it since capcom is doing alot of verse games like marvel and tekken. who want to see this happen and is it right time too do it?

All up to SNK-Playmore if they want to collaborate.

Want to see it happen? Hell yea. Right time? Hmmmmmm not so much imo. Capcom is already stable enough with SF4,UMVC3 and SFxT. And I’m sure SNK wants to get more mileage with KOF13 before working on another fighter. Plus we have a decent amount of fighters right now already.

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CVS3 has been heavily desired for a long time. I think there’s already several threads dedicated to this topic in the past.

Tbh, I think the fighting game developers should slow down their product output for awhile. They’re already starting to flood the market with way too many games that take up too much time from a person if he’s intending on being decent at a majority of them. Wouldn’t want another repeat of the fighting game crash.

Pretty much what Hecatom quoted.