SNK players and fans, Guardcrush needs your support!

Yes as some of you have known, me and some other SRKers opened up a board a few months ago for competitive SNK discussion (with some HNK and MB on the side), basically we are picking up where Fierceslash left off.

Now, the growth has been slow, but we are still trying to hang in there throughout these tough times. And yes, I have stated in the past if things continue to be grim, I will have no choice but to close up shop and follow in the footsteps of our predecessor because well the support of the community isn’t there. But fear not, while I have thought about that unfortunate possibility, I still believe that there is still a chance to make things work, and that we can make a unified SNK community of players.

With the great games SNKP has been coming out with lately (Tenka, XI), there is a very bright future for this community. And I mean c’mon, I’m pretty sure we are all sick of the stereotype of the SNK fanboy, one who doesn’t even know how to play the games and would rather talk about Kyo’s new jacket or Athena’s new outfit.

We have put great dedication into this, and we would not like to see it go down in vain. That’s why I leave it up to you for your support.

P.S. If this is the first time you’ve been to Guardcrush and are curious about the KOFMI2 forum, it’s there because I figured what the hell, and besides many casual players like it, so it works out.

Nice idea with a follow up to fierceslash, I’ll check the site for sure … :slight_smile:

cool site ill deff check it out(i love kof im just not very good at it lol).you should post this in the forums there a bunch of people that are snk crazy

Just to add, if you register, don’t hesitate to post. I’m not saying spam the forum, but if you have a question, ask it. If you have some strats, post em. The main problem that players who have things to post are less inclined to do so when it seems like no one reads the posts anyways, so make discussion!

sliceypete: The problem is, at least when I was around there, was mostly a site for collectors rather than gamers. When the people from Orochinagi joined, the regulars hated them because they used emulators and thus were “killing SNK”, and they’d make fun of them for posting about combos and strats rather than bragging about buying a Metal Slug cart for $1000.

Dunno if it’s changed since then, though.


well there are some people on the board that hate the use of emulators or downloading rom but fuck em lol. yea most of them are just collectors, but there are people there play the games and post combo vids, technique, and strategy. so its not the same at all, you should check it out. there alot more gamers on the forums now.

yo, kyoji, i’ve written an faq on one of the characters in kofxi. i was wondering do u wanna use it?

i still havent registered on your site tho. :frowning:

Sure, and better yet, you post it up at Guardcrush yourself. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I joined ages ago, but the place is so slow that I’d stopped checking for new posts. That progressed to just not posting or visiting.

Well, that’s what I was saying. I posted a lot of stuff a few months ago, but when people don’t post back, it’s doesn’t seem worthwhile to post discussion when no one is going to post back.

When I last checked, the main page said it was gonna turn into a DOA4 site.
When did this change happen?

That was a practical joke for a day, it’s not real. lol

Doh, I feel even more stupid now.

If you got strats etc guys share it…dont be afraid…I know some of you got the skillz…

The problem you guys have is that us snk guys are not big in numbers and you have other sites like the mentioned yes their are players there, but like josh said its more like a collecters site.

Then you have cyberfanatix, their alot more Global, they have alot of mexicans etc their forums are quite active also.

Then you also have orochinagai which doesnt really get updated alot im not sure if their forums are that active either.

So then it comes down to you guys GC now with everyone spread out across the sites I mentioned along with people that post here, its no wonder GC struggles to get the hits, I dunno how to slove that some how you need to draw people from all over to come there, perhaps more advertising ?

I know youve tried but some of you mods need to try and keep things going in the forum, if people check and see no reply like since last feb then it puts them off posting.

Their is no easy answer and thats why FS failed, I hope you guys dont.

Yeah I surely do my replies if I know something…as you see I make sure and do my work man if I can…

That site is my home away from home…

The thing about the latest SNK games coming out like NGBC and Tenka, is that they are imports and not many people are playing them.

I don’t think anyone in my area even plays these games. :sad: If SNK would release them in the states I’m sure alot more people would play, and the site would get more traffic.

If it wasn’t for you, Dark Geese, that site would barely have anything on it. You started up every post on the Tenka thread I know that.

Oh yeah I know bc just look at the traffic NeoWave is getting…

My God…its like an explosion…

And I cant wait to play other people…

bill_rizer: Well the thing is, we can’t post just for the sake of posting, because well that’s just spam and doesn’t really further any discussion. A lot of us would like to discuss more, but if there are no people asking the questions, it’s not really going to get anywhere. It is not the job of the staff to spam up the boards just to fill it up and to make it seem “active”, infact that is more of a negative as it shows that no one is really at the board except for the same people.

So yeah, support GC folks, we’re here for you, so don’t be lazy now.

I did what I could with the Garou section but not many people asked questions, maybe I posted everything everyone needed to know? Well I still add combos and what not for each character but I still don’t see many people asking questions for things they are having trouble with in a certain SNK game. I know some threads do but others don’t get much attention either, it’s a very difficult thing to get going. Hopefully things should get better I’ll even contribute to other games that I don’t really play as much but know some stuff about them. Take care.