SNES works on my HDTV, N64 doesn't? (Tech help)

I have tried 2 different N64’s AND the SNES with the same AV cable. The SNES works, but neither of the N64’s work. I read in other places that HDTV’s won’t display below a certain resolution, but then why can it display the lower-res SNES?

Also please don’t suggest getting a CRT TV, I have sensitive hearing and those TVs give me migraines, and I have reason to believe they also caused my tinnitus.

I’ve experienced the same problem. It is rather odd.

Maybe something is wrong with the 64’s, have you tried them on different TV’s at all?

I tried them on two TV’s. Unfortunately not different brands, just Sony Bravias of different size.

That’s really weird…are you trying it with one of the NES RF units with the adaptor? Or Red/White/Yellow AV? The only transition problems I’ve seen going to HDTVs on Nintendo stuff is that the light guns don’t work cuz the screen format is different…

AV, red/white/yellow. I’ll try it with RF, give me a couple minutes.

EDIT: The SNES works with RF, there is no RF input for N64 and I feel silly for looking.

The n64 does have a rf modulator that plugs into the av port and gives you the rf output.

I was able to get both my n64 and my snes to work on mt samsung hdtv. What I did was i used an a/v switch was powered, the constant signal from the a/v switch will get your tv to pick what ever signal you are going to send through it. i also found out that when it cones to a hdmi switch the playstation 3 doesn’t send a signal out constantly but a xbox does.

Glanced around on this, seems to be an issue with Sony TVs…and I don’t mean the following as insulting but:
1.Make sure you’re not plugging the red audio cable into the red component cable…
2.Make sure it isn’t just a dirty game, blow it out, or rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.
3.Check the video settings on your TV, see if it’s set to search for digital signals only or see if there’s an option to search for analog signals(I would suggest this first but the SNES working has me confused) The N64 displays at 260p and 480i resolution(expansion pack titles), so the TV just maybe not be able to find it cuz it would have to sink to that level.:rofl: Certain games you might be screwed on no matter what…also see if your TV has an S-Video input…I use S-Video for my SNES,N64 and Cube and I’ve never had any problems(Samsung 42")

Oh, okay, but I used the same AV cable for both my SNES and N64, and it only worked on the SNES. I’m not sure getting the modulator would make a difference.

Alright, I feel really stupid. Turns out the cartridges I was using (SM64 and SSB) are flat-out dead, and I never had to buy the 2nd N64 in the first place.

Ah well, at least the problem is solved and I have a spare N64 for the day the other one dies. Thanks for your help everyone, I’m going to go find a nice dunce cap.

It happens, I had someone return a N64 to my store because they fired it up and got a black screen when they were expecting a Xbox style dashboard. They never tried putting a game in:rofl:.

Try cleaning the games with a rubbing alcohol and Q-Tip. Just keep scrubbing it until there’s no dirt on the Q-tip, you might get them to work. N64 games are hard to kill.

[S]Ya, def a weird issue[/S]. I just wanted to let you know how you could get RF from an n64 in future case.