SNES Complete Chrono Trigger, ASUS EEE PC 4G Surf, Saitek Flight Stick

Alright, got a few things here I need to sell. Prices are before shipping.

(Nearly) Complete Boxed Copy of Chrono Trigger for SNES- $95 NOW $70
Everything included, box is in good shape, except that the flap has been torn off on one side (I’ll get a pic of it so you can see it). Other than that, everything is in great condition, the rest of the box is fine, manual and map/poster are in great shape, and the cartridge is nice and clean and plays great. Current pic is from the original seller I bought it from, which doesn’t show the torn off flap, will get that pic when I get home. Also realized that my copy is missing one of the maps, but everything else is there.

My own pics (smaller size since there’s a bunch of them), showing the tear and general condition of everything:

EEE PC 4G Surf Netbook (Black) - $150 NOW $110
The original netbook, info on it here: I have switched the 512MB RAM stick with a 1GB stick. Note that this model DOES NOT have a webcam. I will also format the PC and restore it to the default OS before shipping (you can install XP via a USB CD/DVD drive or a USB flash drive if you want though). Works great and is lightweight. Includes power adapter and original battery.

Saitek AV8R Flight Stick for PC - $20 NOW $12
A fairly decent stick for anyone playing flight games on the PC. Has dual throttle controls and switches that can be mapped to several keystrokes. I’ve since changed sticks, so I have no need for this. No driver disc, but drivers can be found on Saitek’s website.

Updated with SNES pics (had them on my phone, sent to my email), will have the rest later.

Updated with pics of all items currently for sale.



Open to offers, if there’s something you want, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

pm sent

GeForce card currently on hold for mvcplayer.

Video card available again.

40 shipped chrono?

Price drops across the board, have at it!

Interested in "Creative Zen Vision:M Portable Media Player (30GB)"
How long is the battery life on average? Just exactly how much “wear and tear” are we talking? PM for answers please~

I had a Zen, and I loved it, the little guy played almost any format of video known to man. I got about 5-7 hours, and mine was considered bad, dunno what he would have.

i pmed you for the video card please ignore it.

Sold a couple things, still have some for sale!