Sneak peek of Street Fighter Turbo #9 (Treat for SF3 fans)

Not only do we get to see Oro in a back up but we also see someone who immediately reminds you of a 3rd Strike character.

See that and more at Udon’s site:

That Oro page looked tight! Thanks!

Hmmm is that dude with the yellow headband related to Makoto by any chance? Hair looks similar too.

^It may be her brother or father, since she got the headband from him IIRC.

WOW! Finally, after all these years I finally get to see Oro in the comic! total geek-out moment!

I don’t believe that character Oro is fighting is anyway related to any of the other street fighter characters unless he is fighting someone’s grandfather or something.

If you look at Oro, he has both arms out and also his clothes look new and fresh and obviously not torn to shreds and tattered from age yet. This looks to be Oro around 40 or 50 years ago. This is probably when he kicked everyone’s ass and decided there was no sense to keep training since he was already too powerful and also to stop using both arms.

But I agree with everyone and if that is anyone related to a street fighter character it probably would be Makoto’s father. Maybe he died when he was really old.

Thanks Udon! What an incredible treat indeed!

Not a bad issue! Things I liked -

Issue 9


Chun-Li and Guile in the airshaft, just like Masaomi Kanzaki’s SF2 manga! :lovin: Oh and that scientist that looked A LOT like Dr. Wily from the Mega Man games! :rofl:

The Oro story just made me want a Street Fighter 3 comic even more lol! Can’t wait for the Q story next month! :tup:

Man I loved how Ken shinryuken Vega. Awesome. Nice turn of events at the end of the issue.

I haven’t gotten the issue as yet. What happened in the main story and back up with Oro?

spoilers ahead…

Dhalsim bet the dolls and withdrew from the tournament. Ryu beat E.Honda. Chun li let Feilong win. Same with Guile letting Cammy win. Ryu beat Feilong. Since Ken was supposed to fight Dhalsim next but he withdrew, Ken went straight his semi final against Vega. He defeated him with a Shinryuken. I won’t spoil anymore after that…lol sorry it was a great issue.

As for the back up story basically Oro was, 3 martial artist wanted to test how good oro since he is way old. He whupped them quick and easy. He vowed to fight only with one arm and wrapped the other one up. Maybe he would fight someone someday that will make him use the other arm.

I know, right! In his early years Dr. Wily was slummin’ for Shadowloo I guess…

It was an okay issue.

Udon have lost their touch though IMO. The stories and art these days just feel very flimsy and unimpressive. Not like they used to be.

i wish the Super turbo series had artwork done in the style either SF2, SF, or SFIV comics. the current style is not to my liking. the stories are fine…but i like my comics to have great visuals to truly rope me in