Snake Pit Round5 - 3v3 Tekken 6 tourney - London UK - Results+Vids

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The End of an Era! It’s hard to believe this season of Snake Pit is over!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending, watching and supporting our efforts to provide this entertainment and experience for the Tekken community…. all the way from the oldest old school player, right up to Umer Kazama and the newest/youngest players on block. This will be a bit too lengthy if I do individual shoutouts here, but join us in the facebook group (below), where plenty of mans are already giving their big shoutouts!

We WILL be back for Tekken Tag 2. So although the Tekken 6 era is about to come to a close, there’s a new and perhaps even more exciting era just about to begin round the corner!

A lot of people may be surprised, but this it actually the FOURTH season of Snake Pit that we are having… there are a quite a few years of Snake Pit history up till now, which you the players have helped create. It’s been a very enjoyable ride!!! And the future is just a history book that hasn’t been written yet…

Results of Snake Pit – Round 5:

1st FNC
ROO KANG, Asim, Liono

Big up to the season finale winners… ROO KANG has finally achieved his dream of 1st place in a tournament, after a streak of 8 or 9 tournaments in a row coming 2nd place!!

2nd ShinDinoForce
Dr. Doom, Dinosaur, Shadow Force

These sick veterans show us why they have such a fearsome reputation, and why couple mans were almost pissing their pants when they saw them in their group!

3rd Sons of Luna
Luna, Tim, Isa

Very consistent and solid bunch of players, who have gained a LOT of experience and skills, under their own merits as well as the mentorship of LUNA.

4th Demolition Boyz
Tala (Umer Kazama), Tarik, L

Amazing bunch of kids, they have improved their skills incredibly fast considering they only started pretty recently!!!

Now for the overall LEAGUE standings, for the entire season!
1st – 36pts - Sons of Luna (Luna, Tim, Isa)
2nd – 35pts - FNC (Roo Kang, Bonus Jin, Fanatic Jin, Asim) (also Elijah, Liono)
3rd - 25pts – ShinDinoForce (ShinJin, Dinosaur, Shadow Force, Dr. Doom)
4th – 21pts – Team Free (FreeYourMind, King Jae, Trance Addict, Banzivar)
5th – 15pts – Old Skool (The Chef, Amraj, ObiSamuraiDu, Prodigal Son Ryan Hart)
6th - 12pts – Demolition Boyz (Tala, Confuzion, L, Elijah)
7th – 3pts – Team Cobra (Cobra Commander, Vicious Charles, Eddie)

Huge congratulations to Sons of Luna for winning the league. Very solid play from all 3 of these guys, and they kept the same team members every time!!! That’s a solid team!
Also big up FNC for coming second. In fact they are the most consistently performing team, coming 2nd place in 4 out of the 5 events, then 1st place in the final one (unfortunately having a huge army meant they didn’t get the necessary points each time).

Videos are here :

Pictures of the event are here:

You can also watch the stream archive videos here:

(again a HUGE big up for General Skirmish for keeping the stream alive, everybody appreciates it!!!)

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