SMH Japan: Japanese having less and less sex

GAT DAMN, this article. So many jokes.

SRK, have at it.

“[Having a girlfriend is] too troublesome…”

You don’t need to have a girlfriend to have sex…

For most, not really. Unless you’re hiring prostitutes/escorts, most women generally want to be in a relationship before sex. The ones that are attractive and want casual sex are few and far between. You can however, juggle several girlfriends at once.

Regardless, dating as we know it is an extremely recent phenomena. Dating didn’t even exist at all throughout most of human history, starting up maybe a couple of centuries ago at best. But that is mostly with a chaperon and not the real dates we think of now, generally designed to lead to sex and performed by two people without outside overview or restriction.

Japan is having the same issue all feminist countries wind up with. You can’t just marginalize men as a whole and then be surprised when men retract from society. Here’s an idea: get rid of affirmative action, get the government out of regular domestic disputes, don’t have “women only restaurants” and “women only trains” like Japan does, and in general stop constantly belittling men at the expense of women, as that article does. Men are supposed to be masculine and women are supposed to be submissive and considerate. Men really need to be primary breadwinners, and women really need to be married off by their early 20s.

You don’t want any of that because you say it’s sexist and women should have freedom to do what they want? Sure, that’s fine, but it’s hypocritical to then turn around and complain that men are making the same choice.

Anyway, I don’t even like having sex with women over 25. Even 30 is reaaaally pushing it. Women 35+ just make me physically ill. If I ever wife a girl up, she’s going to be under 25 at the time of marriage. I’m sure there are plenty of loser men that these old hags have to choose from, but if these men in Japan have any pride they probably think similarly to me. Any alpha male is going to be the same. And it turns out most women aren’t interested in beta males, no matter how much the beta male shouts about women’s rights.

Attribute it to the rise of robots in Japan, or the octopus all getting endangered.

Just get me on a plane and I will solve all of their problems, one women at a time

Japan is not a feminist country. The fuck are you talking about?

Japan turned feminist a little over a week ago, you didn’t hear? The news sites picked up on it a few days after and threw us all for a loop. It was a pretty major legal move. I’m probably not exactly correct about what happened, but the buzz was there. The buzz being the sound of the world’s tiniest violin being played for all the marginalized men.

What? Where the fuck are you getting this info from? I know this is anecdotal but I’ve been throughout this great nation of ours plus Europe and I’ve had no problems finding casual sex with women who I’d rate 7.0 and up. Hell, the more attractive the woman was the less likely she wanted a relationship. I find the exact opposite of what you’re saying to be true.

I won’t even get into the rest of your ridiculous post.

I have one Japanese girl here in the States for a few more weeks and she’s just fine having sex. :coffee:

For most, not really. Unless you’re hiring prostitutes/escorts, most women generally want to be in a relationship before sex. The ones that are attractive and want casual sex are few and far between. You can however, juggle several girlfriends at once.

youre doing it wrong.

Oh, please. Stop thinking humans are a monogamous species.

im sure 99% of men would happily oblige :coffee:

Gonna have to go to Japan and pull a Bryan Hawk


Takamura looking on extremely displeased… So yea I agree Josh you should go for it man, but watch out for the bear slaying maniacs.

“Anime is evil” - Jay Snyder/Viscant

That depends on where you live, median age, your own attractiveness, exposure to females ready for penetration, position of the moon etc etc. Many things.

You need more exp points.

Kromo is a scientist?

I’m 29 and this year alone I’ve hooked with girls ranging from 19-36, mostly in the ages of 23-25. I’m an okay-looking guy and I only make okay money, but I live in New York. I see more women a day than many of you Podunk fuckers see in a year, so that side of the scale is tipped to my favor and I understand it.

But when I go to Baltimore, Virginia, D.C., San Francisco, Louisiana, some rural shithole in Texas, and New Jersey, I can still pull pretty women to have sex with me no strings attached. It isn’t particularly difficult if you are at least a 5 in the looks scale and you’re not a complete goober. The one truth that has never led me astray is if you are confident in yourself others will believe in your confidence and be attracted to it.

I forget most of GD now wasn’t around for JaHa’s pimp thread. While I don’t subscribe to his philosophy to a whole, but it has nuggets in there that many of you would really benefit from. Even now when I hang out with him he always has some pretty little thing just following him around. He knows that once you build up your confidence and start believing in yourself others will fall in line with it.

Can you imagine a Japanese person being on some sort of endangered species list?

Rare Asian Species:

Panda Bear
Japanese Human