Smash Bros. Tournament opinions?

Hey guys, I am putting a tournament together for the youth around my neighborhood. I wanted to know your opinions on how I should put this thing together. In what format? 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4 or free for all? My main concern is if
I make it a free for all, 3 kids might gang up on one? Any suggestions?

either do 1v1 or 2v2, free for all is pretty whack. few rule sets:

smashboards recommended ruleset - most brawl tournies will have these rules and big difference here from others is there are no items.

keits all-brawl rules - ruleset that all items and stages. ruleset proposed by srk user keits.

evo 2k8 brawl ruleset - mixture of keits and smashboards rules. tries to incorporate as many stages and items but keep out those that seem to give too much of an advantage or are too random for tournament play.

if they’re really young kids then i’d go with keits or evo’s ruleset but if they’re like teenagers or something then i’d just go with the smashboards recommendation but you should check with the kids what they would like.