Smartest People in Comics

I’ll give off a few


  1. Reed Richards
  2. Victor Von Doom
  3. Amadeus Cho

3. Mr. Terrific

Any ideas who? I’m inclined to put Ray Palmer, Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Bruce Wayne, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker etc.

imma put lex luthor at the smartest person in dc. i honestly dont know know whos smart in marvel…i’d put petey in top 5.

i can see doom and reed at the same level…but dooms arrogance doesnt allow him to ever be wrong though.

I’m not gonna put Thanos there though. He’s pretty much one of the smartest beings in the universe.

If he’s number 1, who’s number 2?

The Golden Age Luthor > Modern Age Luthor.

I’m not disputing it though.

Darkseid, Brainiac, Luthor, Batman, Steel, and I guess Prometheus. DC is hard to figure out, there smart people aren’t as prominent in comics as Marvel’s.

Grant Morrison. GGPO. /thread

in jlu lex can enter the source wall which has the anti-life eqauation…darkseid can’t. yaya i know not canon…but should give lex something.

No. Cho said so himself that he’s the 7th smartest. I wouldn’t count Thanos since Cho and others count only those that are from Earth. Many earthlings probably don’t even know Thanos exist.

My List

  1. Reed Richards
    2 Victor Von Doom
    3 Iron man
    4 Black Panther
    5 Hank Pym
    6 Bruce Banner
    7 Amadeus Cho
    8 Mad Thinker 8 and 9 are interchangeable
    9 Beast
    10 Spidey

Dc list

Mr Terrific

Don’t care for the rest :razz:

Edit shit I forgot Puny Banner nigga got DEM PHD’S

I still think Hak McCoy warrants some recognition, he did cure the legacy virus.

and I think Barbara Gordon is considered tops in the DC universe.

Mc Coy would bbe in the top ten for sure.

Barbara yeah she’s like 4 or 5 with the Calculator.

i’d put peter above hank, peter could easily be solving world issues but ya know…hes a poor ass genius.

Marvel: The Leader.

fuck that…he gets outsmarted by dumb hulk.

Even with the fucking gamma enchanced brain, he gets outsmarted by the hulk.

(Cosmic beings don’t count, only Earth people)

I think Doom is the most intelligent, he’s only hampered by his arrogance. Definitely more intelligent than Richards. IIRC Doom is the only human (other than Kang) to create a fully working Time Machine, which IIRC Reed “borrowed” the designs from. (Reed’s father made one but it turned out to be an alternate Earth Transporter). Also, Doom has great Arcane knowledge aside from his scientific knowledge.

Also, add to the list, Bruce Banner. It’s often overlooked because of the Hulk persona.

Yeah but really…

How often do you see the good guys NOT outsmarting the bad guys?

Kang found Doom’s time machine yet he’s pretty up there in the rankings as well.