Smallest xbox 360 pcb?

Thinking of making a small adapter for the joytron xconverter (for the controller ecryption bypass), and I’d like to make it as small as possible. Any idea what the smallest xbox 360 pcb would be?

Probably the Guitar Hero x-plorer controller, or the portable drum kit. You should be able to trim down excess space from most boards though.

The Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad can be cut down quite small.

A really small square can be made from it.
And you will solder to the Traces themselves.

What about the Joytron/Datel PCB?
Those can be made small too.

But I don’t think you would want to cut those up.
Better to use it for an Arcade Stick for PlayStation 3 and box 360 support.

I just noticed that the pictures in the Thread are no more.