Small GG questions from a GG begginer

While I have played plenty of GG before, I never really decided to master it, or even become competitive. Always played it with a very…casual mindset. In any case, I have recently messing around with it, and I actually want to take a break from my constat play of other games(like 3s or VF4) to give this a try. So, on to my questions:

Are EX characters legal in tournament play? Are they even on the AC version of the game? I’m asking this because some of the characters have very interesting EX versions to them, but I don’t want to practice with characters I can’t use.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I made a small search and found nothing. If there is another topic regarding this topic please re-direct me to it, and Kaneda can feel free to lock/delete this one. Thanks in advance.

EX characters are not allowed, since some of them are awfully broken. EX characters seem to mainly consist of special moves and other attributes that didn’t make it to the final cut… the most probable reason being that most of them are overpowered and/or gave the characters seemingly unfair advantage in one way or another.

While some of the EX moves from #R are included in Slash, that is a quite different story since the retuning was applied to entire cast of the game.

Wait, Slash has some of the EX moves included in the main move list? That’s kick ass. I haven’t read about Slash all that much, and all I have to practice is #r. Is Slash making it’s way to the US? Or will I have to import it?

runs off to watch match videos

Nobody knows when Slash is going to hit the consoles in Japan (popular rumor is November). And nobody knows if it will even get a U.S. distribution…

But yea, some of the EX specials are included in the normal characters’ move lists now. I-No’s vertical Chemical Love is one of the more talked-about ones.

It seems as though I-No’s vertical chemical love is the only EX move that has converted over…

Like Orka said, EX is prohibited from tournament play due to brokeness of characters…besides none of the EX have anything that can contribute to Slash and future GG games but we’ll have to wait and see.

The only broken EXers that I can think of are Dizzy and Slayer. Could you let me know of some more examples?


The only example I can think of and that’s broken enough.

EX Dizzy’s Ice Spear was also added to the normal version in Slash (the one you can hold and release later on by hitting Punch).

EX Pot is pretty rediculous. Easy 50% off Pot Buster from anywhere thanks to his super, AND he has a dragon punch. The DP alone is just obscene.

EX May is pretty cheap as well. Loads of invincibility on her special moves.

Edit: EX Eddie can do Invite Hell while airborne, although it’s not as good as it seems 'cause it doesn’t hit low.

Kind of sucks too since I do enjoy some of Baike’s EX moves, oh well. In any case, while I am having fun, this is hella of a huge jump from something like 3s. In any case, is there even a hint that we might get Slash in the states? I just saw the 12 vids that are in CV and man are they hot or what.

Huh? Since when were EX Sol and Ky “broken”? They are weaker versions of the characters they are trying to imitate (not to mention the originals are simply better, anyway), as far as I’m concerned.

I actually think EX Dizzy is weaker, because:

  1. She doesn’t have the ice spike. Michael Sword sweeps across half the screen, so it’s a good weapon for counter/random hits… but it is also weaker than the ice spike and does not have a FRC point to warrant her a juicy combo.

  2. She cannot release multiple projectiles on the screen at once.

  3. Her EX j.S (which is same as GGX j.S) has less horizontal range.

And Dizzy’s new spear in Slash isn’t really like her EX spear from #R. In #R EX, the ‘charge spear’ materializes in front of her and released using the punch button. Meanwhile, her Slash spear is just like her old spear in terms of trajectory except that it can be held mid-air by holding down the slash button. And she also has a FRC point to the move as well (which is a attribute taken from her #R EX ‘normal spear’).

Back to the topic, though… I personally think EX Testament’s front/rear EXE Beast makes for a pretty cheap mix-up, while EX Potemkin’s Heat Extend command grab (or, more like a unblockable hit) is pretty cheap as well since you can do easy damage and combo set-up (granted you have tension) from ground hit stun.

EX Dizzy has her uber-broken Dragon Install though (which conveniently lets her gain tension REALLY fast during DI because she gains super speed just like Dragon Install Sol), then she can do it again if it ends. I don’t recall it having recovery, either.

Oh, and doesn’t she have super armor during DI as well? :devil:

I think that more than makes up for lack of Ice Spike…

Necro Install stinks. Yea, it does give her a super armor and ridiculous speed but she does get stunned when it’s over… and the move is still vulnerable to bursts, grabs, and overdrives. And I haven’t invested enough time in it… but I think her attack strength goes down during the move. Maybe I’ll check it out right now. :X

EDIT: Okay, her attack power stays the same. I was right about everything else, though.

Testament really should have both EXE beasts. Just sayin’

That would be pretty horrible since his EXE Beast FRC frame trapping is already difficult to guard due to the 2K/6P mix-up.

Pfft, EX Dizzy easily beats out normal Dizzy, that Michael Sword makes up for god damn everything.

OK, I played around with EX Dizzy for about 10 minutes, and this is what I came up with:

  1. Michael Sword has range and awesome priority, but is weaker than the ice spike and cannot be cancelled.
  2. j.S is horrible. Has more vertical range, but much less horizontal range, and it is also much slower. Many of her standard air combos are impossible in EX mode.
  3. Imperial Ray does only 6 hits, opposed to 8 hits in normal mode and deliver less damage. Recovery is way too long (Dizzy can’t even move until the flame is gone), and there is no FRC point… eliminating any possibility of follow-up combos.
  4. While being able to charge and release the spear mid-air is nice, since it materializes in front of her instead of Dizzy tossing it in air, possibility of using it in air combos is eliminated.

*The above 4 points alone makes it impossible for EX Dizzy to deliver 200+ without using Gamma Ray.

  1. EX Dizzy cannot release the fish, arrow, or scythe (any 2) on the screen at same time, which is the key aspect of her pressure game.
  2. Necro Install gives Dizzy temporary speed and super-shield (except against bursts, grabs, and overdrives) but also stuns her after Necro disengages.
  3. Necro’s Anger is a counter-trap. Delivers same damage as in normal mode.

I see more negatives than positives, personally…

if it works like the GGX j.S, it should still be good as a cross-up right?

and the best non-arcade characters are justice and kliff. there’s just no reason why they’re not in slash

It also has to do with the fact that they’re not in the Arcade version of the game.


Ex Johnny has an extra tension super thats almost instant. And if your close enough you can jump up and do it again even if your opponent is on the ground. Im surprised the AI pulled it off.