Slumps, Losing, and Pride: How to deal and learn

I know that you guys, over the countless times that you’ve played this game, have encountered slumps, and losing over time. I was just wondering about how you guys handle this kind of stuff.

Tonight for example, I played 10 matches, went 0-10. It was the first 0 for in a good while. Basically, I played like crap most of the time. I wasn’t mad or anything like that, but I did learn quite a lot from all the matches played. Hell, I couldn’t even fast fly right tonight, and at some points, my Mag’s execution was way off, and most of the time, all my gameplans, traps, and resets were all mistimed or messed up, and that is not like me at all.

I was just wondering, since it seems that this game has players who are very proud and all, have you gotten to a point like this while playing mvc2? I mean, I am not angry or anything, or frustrated, and I learned quite a lot from all of my matches tonight. But sometimes, I see people lose, and they get all angry about it.

So I wanna hear from you guys who are all probably better than me. What do you suggest to do to get out of this slump? Should I just play through it, or would it be better that I take it easy? I mean, I learned so much from the matches tonight, that I don’t mind trying to play through this and see how I do. Also, could you tell me some of the stories about when you were in a funk, and how you got out of it?

And another question, why does it seem that in this game especially, people seem to take a lot more pride in their abilities against other people? I don’t know if that is really the case, but that’s what it seems like to me.

I doubt I am a better player than you, but I can relate to your situation. Sometimes when I have a bad night playing I usually try to sort through the mess and identify the biggest mistakes I made. Sometimes it’s as simple as not counter calling properly, being too aggressive, or not being mobile enough with cable when I have a magnus drooling down my back. I make a mental note of those mistakes and I tell myself I won’t do that next time. It seems to help most of the time.

As far as people getting angry and frustrated about the game, I suppose that varies from person to person. Some people get pissed and that’s it. They give up and chock up mistakes to acts of god. Some people use their anger and frustration to focus and improve. I myself can get frustrated sometimes, but I make sure to identify my mistakes. Otherwise I’m getting frustrated for no reason in my opinion.

I just keep trying.

The only times I’ve ever gotten angry were because of faulty equipment, game-changing faulty execution, and people knocking my hand away from the buttons.

for me, i’ve been only playing this for 8 months, and it does get discouraging since everyone else who’s played had 2-5 year head start. and i do get slumps a lot too, when i start to lose to a player that i always beat, it gets frustrating and u start complaining and getting mad etc. but it made me look back at my mistakes, what i did wrong, and what needs to be improved. there’s night where i say that i quit this game, its too old anyway, and i’m way overdue. like duc do says, or i think he did. is not to forget that this game is just for kicks, and don’t take into personal matters or else u’ll get even more angry. anyway i’ve said i quit this game a few times but every time or so i get better and better. for me it may be a little different since i use mike z’s team jug, doom, tbonne. if i die by the top tiers, its okay because its how the ladder runs down. but personally i just love being the underdog when facing msp or team scrub, and remember to have fun with every match you play.

I lose ALL THE TIME! I’ve never…yeah I’ve never actually beaten another human at this game. I really don’t care, win or lose cuz it’s fun no matter what. and I wouldn’t dare going back to the god 4 just to have a chance. I’ll stick with my random, extra squishy characters. Cuz they’re cooler people in comic life than whatever you use. Originality sON!

used to what you could do, if u went 0-10 is post on here (Srk) what was bothering you and you would get legit responses. now so many non-marvel heads are on here the forums get tampered with horseshid. basically play through it and find the best strategy to win. biggest advice you can give somebody in marvel is this: three best teams are msp,santhrax, and scrub in no specific order. other magneto teams are still viable though. learn how to play off reactions and reading ur opponent. and BE PATIENT! block damage always takes less than real damage! (sounds stupid but very useful to hear)

keep playin n beat that ass

For the most part, I’m done. I suck playing on stick, sometimes the sticks feel fucked up thanks to the noobs mindless mashing on them, and good players showing up these days are too random. The only advanced thing I learned and can do is TKAHVBx3, and maybe get Sent FF comboes every 1 out of 5 tries:rofl: I can’t really get into playing low tiers either anymore(played a lot of low tiers back when the game was new, and I was just starting). But now since no one really good shows up to play, I don’t want to be stuck playing the boring CPU.

GGPO Marvel will always have a spot in my heart as being fun and being > Cvs 2 and SVC combined:smile:

You can really almost always distill your losses down to one or two big things…ie, you got hit with AHVB, you got your assist baited and killed, you got hit with 80 Hail Storms, etc. Ask yourself why you lost, and you can come up with answer, that’s step one. If you were playing MSP: What happened to Mag? Did he do anything? Did Storm do anything, what about Psy? Who was carrying their weight, and who wasn’t? If something happened to Storm, what was it?

After that, you can worry about your team, and if you need to switch certain characters/assists.

About slumps…eh. Who cares? MvC2, for me, is rarely about winning anymore, and more about trying stuff out.

I’m still pretty scrub in Marvel, but when I hit a slump in other games (DDR, Initial D), I usually take a week off, and when I come back, I actually play better than I ever have. Doing too much of the same thing will get you burnt out, and you won’t improve in it at all. So yeah, just take it easy for a while :slight_smile:

I got the same problem with DDR. But that’s a different story all together.

I know this feeling, even if you know your better then someone else, sometimes you’ll lose, if it’s consecutive and they haven’t gotten better. You’re just having an off day. If it’s casual, I never worry about them too much. Tournaments and other big matches are a different scenario.

I usually tend to just get something to eat or whatever and get my mood off of it if losing starts to get to me. Everyone has a bad day every once and a while.

it’s true everyone has an off day every once in awhile, but it’s important to be able to tell the difference between an off day, and the fact that the other player is just better. if it’s a bad day that just means that you need to work on every agian in trainning mode to make sure it doesn’t happen, and if it’s the case of a better player, than be happy cause that player will show you all the mistakes of your game and force you to see deep into your game.

now remember if you are playing someone cheap( run away or trap teams, cable, strider, spiral) it’s important to remember not to let it get to you. losing to those things simply means you don’t really know how to get into the character and fuck them up, and how to deal with them.

if it’s a case of mag vs mag( which is my fav match up) then it comes down to who is the BETTER mag, being better means better execution, moving around, reset, etc.

remember if you really want to get good at marvel, and become someone than just try to improve your game all the time in every way as much as you can.

I’d recommend getting a good night’s sleep before analyzing what you did, if you’re at all like me you get depressed/angry by losing and it’s hard to analyze well when enraged.

Second on the sleep thing. If I haven’t slept for an obscenely long time, I lose to everything…things go better when you actually shut your brain off for a few hours.

I haven’t payed Marvel in four months. I’m trying to get my game back up. It’s not easy. My teah is and always has been Sentinel/Strider/Doom and that alone is a set back because of it’s difficulty level. I get fucked up by people I use to own. I’m just dealing with what I expected if I’m going to get back into this. It’s just nature taking its course. You should always be aware of the consequences before you do something. Expecially in a fighting game. I knew my consiquences, and I plan on dealing with them.

Good luck to all.