SlugFest 4 - SSf4 tourney @ Ground Kontrol - 7/3/2010 (Portland, OR)

Hey Guys!

What? - SlugFest 4 SSF4 Tournament (Xbox 360)
When? - Saturday, July 3rd @ 11am(signups at 9AM, tourney starts at 12PM Noon) to 5pm.
Cost? - $3 Cover charge + $5 Entry fee
Prizes? - Should be paid out in cash (70/20/10) and gift certificates.
Tourney style? - Standard Double Elimination

I have nothing to do with this tourney, and it doesn’t seem like it has an organizer yet. If you’d like to step up or help out, give Ground Kontrol a call and ask for Art.

Link -

EDIT: Schedule

9AM - Setup and Registration.

9AM - 11:30AM - Casuals and end registration.

12:00pm noon - Tourney start.

4:30PM- 5PM - Tourney should be finished by then. The sooner it’s finished, the more casual play can be had.

ALL PLAYERS: Please bring your sticks/systems/Tvs and aim to have 3-4 consoles for this tournament. Thanks!

If you enjoy this event, please show your appreciation and buy Joe/Angel/whoever a drink after it’s over!

Keep Slugfest alive!

Sammy or whoever that guy is that “ran” the hotshot tournament asked me to run it last week but i havent heard from him sense then.

Won’t be able to make it :frowning:

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Ray! I had intended to get the details sorted out early, but things have been a little crazy.

Joe contacted me to offer his help running it, so more details should be posted soon. We may even do all-ages matches in the afternoon, and 21+ matches in the evening, but that’s not confirmed.

I’m hoping to make Slugfest monthly - we’ll see what happens!

Everyone that’s interested - please let us know on this thread and plan to be at GK on Saturday, July 3!


Art / GK

say whaaaaaaat?

^GK is a bar downtown.

cool I’m in

sneak me in

Your good till 5pm Ronnicle…were hoping to be done before that. We will have 3 set-ups going…I do need 1 extra copy of the game though…If I could get 2 people to bring a copy we will have insurance.


what system?

cool. I could bring a copy for sure.


Huh. Also why’d you say Sunday June 27th Art? Posted date is Saturday July 3rd? Would I need a 360 stick to play? All my stuff is PS3…

Sammy contacted me about this about 2 months ago, but as jetay, he has not gotten in contact with me since. I’m pretty much out if it is on a saturday though, as i don’t get out of work till 6p

Basically it comes down to spreading out events so we get more play time in the community…You got last weds. this week…Tilt tourney Sat. then a GK tourney Sun? Figured we would push it a week just to get alittle more out of things. As for the 360 stick question…I’m sure someone will lend out a stick too you…But its not a 100%…I personally have loaned my sticks out in the past and have had them come back with marks I wasn’t to happy with. If your a local reg. and ive seen you play I will probably donate my stick for your use.

My bad…last wed’s is the tourney week…Still pretty close though. just trying to keep busy!

OK guys, sorry for any confusion - I edited my post to reflect the proper date, which is Saturday, July 3.

Also, not everyone needs to bring systems and TVs - we just need 2-3 people to contact Joe/slayu2 about bringing their 360 or PS3. GK is providing a 360, but it’s up to Joe to coordinate the rest of the systems. We will have displays for at least 3 setups.

Even if you don’t make it for this tourney, like I said, I hope to make it monthly - so we’ll keep ramping up the promotion and hopefully build up the turnout over the summer. We’ll see how this one goes, get feedback, and keep tweaking it to keep it running smoothly.

Thanks everyone!

Art / GK

Hey Ray,

Would you mind editing that to show a $5 cover + $3 entry fee?