Slow Brackets (USF4, probably other games too)

I know that this tournament is ridiculously massive and it’s a lot of work, but I really feel like EVO needs to step up their bracket updating.
It’s 2015, and we’re still a day late on updating brackets - when we have the technology to update things in real time. Even the top 8 bracket wasn’t updated last year.

A lot of things are better this year - multiple streams for pools was amazing, so I commend that. But I hope next year, we can see real time brackets. Judges should all have the ability to update brackets. I’m sure 99% have smart phones, and if not, give them iPads or something to use to update them. If the Amazon brackets aren’t capable of this, maybe Challonge should be considered for next year.
With Challonge, multiple people can be given access to edit the brackets, and there’s a log kept of every match entered, and the judge that entered it.

I’m sure there’s multiple reasons that Challonge hasn’t been used, but they’ve since added the ability to do pools to their website, I’m sure it’s a lot more capable now. The fine folks over there would certainly implement any features needed if the crew was serious about hosting brackets on their site.

Just my take on it - IMO professionally run & updated brackets is the only remaining fault in EVO. You wouldn’t see this kind of lackluster in something like a LoL tournament - if we want the FGC to be taken seriously, we should take it seriously too.

It’s not cost-effective. EVO has to be as profitable as it can be!

It’s also a nightmare keeping tabs of all those tablets and since the FGC is grimey as fuck there’s no doubt there will be many attendees looking to steal the iPads or any other device.

That’s a fair point. Still, I’d like to see them put in a bit more effort with the brackets - maybe they just need a couple more volunteers to enter them - I’m not sure - but seeing as the USF4 semi finals pool wasn’t even updated this year - they could definitely put in some more work.