Slight av adjustment

hey I was wondering if someone could squeeze a basic picture of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force into the middle of my av,between V and Sauron.Like just a basic picture of him standing with his hands on his hips will do just fine.Anyone that can do this for me is the man! thanx

lol that looks pretty good man but could you possibly keep the way my name looks in the av the same and have carl facing the other direction,towards v? thanx d

ahahaahaaaa lol flippin’ sweet man that looks cool,thanx dude u rock…but hey I just thought of this…do you (or does anyone) by any chance have a picture of Dragunov from Dark Resurrection? If so could you PLEEEASE just take OUT the picture of Sauron on the right and replace it with a pic of Dragunov,with him facing towards the right if possible,but leave everything else in the av exactly the same.

…any1 have a dragunov pic ?