Slide FADC Safe Jump Set-up(s) *Major Update*

Updated on 05/03/10 with lots of new info and the first round of character info

One of the changes Bison got in Super is the ability to FADC his Slide (cr. HK). This allows him to attempt an untechable knockdown from half screen and make it safe.

The FADC on Bison’s Slide has the property that you can hit Down + HK to activate the slide and then immediately hold down MP + MK and the FA will activate as soon as the Slide is blocked or hits. This makes it incredibly easy to react to a blocked Slide with a FADC forward to put Bison next to his opponent OR a FADC backwards if the Slide hits…which allows for the following safe jump setup(s).

If the slide hits, FADC backwards and then immediately hold Up Forward to jump forward as soon as Bison comes out of his backdash. Holding Up Forward before Bison recovers from his back dash makes Bison leave the ground at the earliest frame possible after recovering. This makes this safe jump setup require virtually no timing whatsoever. Once Bison is in the air, hit an attack button at the last possible moment (I like to test with MK and HK and sometimes HP).

Also, making the Jump In safe is spacing dependent. Meaning that performing the slide too close to the opponent and performing this setup will make the Jump In unsafe. Past that unsafe distance though, and it becomes all safe.

I am in the process of testing this safe jump setup against the whole cast in Training Mode (22 out of 35 have some info posted in this thread so far, more coming). Some of the cast has no Reversals that will beat this safe jump setup. Others can be bullied by this when they don’t have EX or Ultra…and in some matchups this setup is worthless.

Another important thing to note is that if you mix in a Slide Option Select (which I found is actually very easy to input) along with the Jump Forward HK input, it takes away the option for the opponent to back dash and teleport out as well. This means some characters truly have no choice but to block the Jump-In attack…which leads to a whole new set of mix-ups.

Here is the character by character breakdown of who this works against and when (Work in Progress, Will be updated as I test…If you wish to test the characters that aren’t on the list yet, do so, and I will add them to the list):


Adon: Adon gets up faster than the rest of the cast. That is the only explanation. He has time to trade the Jumpin with NORMALS…so this safe jump setup is NEVER safe on Adon.

Akuma: All SRKs win.

**Balrog **(Boxer): No Reversals win.


C. Viper: No Reversals win. EX Burning Kicks will get her out, but Bison can Punish.

Cammy: No Reversals except Ultra 2 win. EX Backfist gets her out, but Bison can punish.

Chun Li: No Reversals win. Super will trade on the first hit and stop.



Dee Jay: EX Upkicks win. Nothing Else.

Dhalsim: Ultra 1 and Super beat it (Ultra trades).


E. Honda: No Reversals win. Sumo Splash gets Honda out, but Bison can punish. LK Sumo makes it hardest for Bison.

El Fuerte:

Fei Long: No reversals except Ultra 2 win. All versions of Chicken Wing make the Jumpin Whiff.



Guile: Flash Kicks beat it clean, all versions.


Hakan: EX Oil Rocket and Ultra 2 win. All other reversals lose.



Ken: SRKs beat it clean.

M. Bison (Dictator): No Reversals win. EX PC and DR can get Bison out. Teleport can be punished with OS Slide.

Makoto: Only EX Karakusa wins.

Rose: No reversals except Ultra 2 win.

Rufus: No reversals except Ultra 2 win.

Ryu: All SRKs win clean. Empty Jump to bait the SRK instead if you want to go for this against Ryu.

Sagat: No reversals win. Angry Scar will make the jump-in whiff, but attacking as soon as Bison lands will hit Sagat.


Seth: SRKs whiff. EX SPD will beat the Jump in. Every other Reversal loses.

T. Hawk:

Vega: No Reversals win. Backflips can be punished like a backdash with OS Slide.

Zangief: Lariats and EX SPD beat it.

i wanna see a vid of this.
also, does it work vs people aside from sagat?

nice trick, but seems really expensive and not particularly useful against sagat. The vanilla safe slide isn’t that difficult to space, and in the sagat matchup it’s only really useful to counter high tigershots. I just don’t see why I’d be willing to spend two meters on a badly spaced slide in this matchup.

a good discovery nonetheless, could potentially have more useful applications against other characters

Not worth keeping so much meter for some matches. I feel like I get a lot of meter during matches. Especially in a single round.

it’s another nice option to have. fun stuff.

this shit is hot!

If it’s blocked, you can fadc and dash forward for a throw and surprise them

Messed around with this setup a lot more in training mode and in a lot of matches. I am liking it more and more in some match-ups and decided to update the first post with my testing results. Hope you guys find it useful.

hmmm i slide a shitload… this is some tricky stuff that might prove useful!

you can probably ultra too. ultra on wakeup is fucking funny when it lands (your opponent’s wakeup i mean)

I do unsafe slide FADC forward or backdash all the time just for the hell of it.

Usually dash forward throw for weaker opponents.

I’ll have to think about these setups…

hmm, your tests seem consistent with the general safe jump principles: 3 frame reversals win, everything else loses. 4 frame reversals like guile’s flash kicks, guy’s ex tatsu should be safe jumpable, but the timing has to be perfect.

overall i like it: i’ve toyed around with the slide fadc here and there and it’s nice to see other people trying to make the best of it. i do caution against fadc’ing forward though, especially if you make contact early in the active frame window of the slide. someone else can explain the math and technical aspects better, but basically the earlier you fadc, the more your frame disadvantage: aka unable to pressure, and possibly free to punish or at best, worst, free grab attempt for opponent.

this leads me to wonder, how early or late are you fadc’ing the slide? because i would imagine you get a different timed jump if you fadc’d immediately from point blank range (1st active frame), than if you hit max distance (last active frame)

but it seems like fadc backwards everytime is better anyways, since if it hits, you’re set up for the safe jump. a lot of times i’ve been testing the slide fadc (trying to get it blocked on purpose for mental shenanegans actually), people are getting hit and wasting my two meters.

It actually doesn’t matter when you fadc during the slide, because the block stun is fixed. I believe Bison is at -3 after a blocked slide, fadc forward, so you can get thrown.

I’m loving it on Sagat. [media=youtube]F9dzQO1tBQM&#t=3m01s[/media]

I don’t wanna be crazy and just play Theory Fighter 4, but the list up there where people can’t reversal this slide FADC safe jump.HP setup, probably can eat a mouthful of Nightmare Booster too. There’s plenty of time to react to most attacks that get baited and blocked. [media=youtube]tht3vZ0OqDg[/media]