Slapstick appreciation thread

Ok, i know this thread wouldn’t last very long, but back in the early 90’s (Tom DeFalco days) there were a slew of new characters introduced to the Marvel universe that got their own series right away… characters like sleepwalker, nighthawk and my favorite of them all, SLAPSTICK!

he was a jokey character, but had SOOO much potential… as a child, i found the humour in the comic great, particularly his interactions with spider-man and other heroes…

NOW fast forward more than a century later, and i JUST learned they RE-INTRODUCED SLAPSTICK!!!


I heard he’s in the new New Warriors team…

can someone lemme know what’s going on with all of this and how they’re treating him, what comics he’s been featured in and if he has any new powers… (also if they explain where he’s been)


His powers are the same but the writers for him suck. Slapstick trying to murder people? Come on now.

I never did like him

Well when you have a guy like Gauntlet being a dick towards the New Warriors name, Slapstick is the LAST person i would expect to put the hurting on him. But I enjoyed the twist of it at the same time.

It’s modern superhero comics. All characters do ridiculously illogical, soap opera things.