Slammin' Saturday Nights: The Revenge OFFICIAL Results Thread!

I believe in total there were 98 attendees.

Third Strike: 39 entrants

  1. Nestor
  2. Mr. Quotes
  3. Therapist
  4. DXP
  5. Tinshi
  6. MarlinPie
  7. Sergio
  8. Frantastic

I personally apologize to all the Yun players who I parried/Red parried the shit out of :frowning:

Super Turbo: 27 entrants

  1. David Doyle “Old School Kid”
  2. Capmaster
  3. Nohoho
  4. Comeback
  5. John Rambo
  6. DXP
  7. Chris Doyle (eliminated by his brother, sent to losers by DXP)
  8. Shag

David Doyle overcomes the odds to come back and beat Capmaster two sets in grand finals.

Capmaster and Comeback beat DXP and win $20 each.

Zoolander, the guy who has been talking smack on SRK about “going to EVO World and making top 8,” lost to Tony B, who doesn’t play ST. He also didn’t know the code to pick O.Sagat and had to ask others how to do it. Then he got embarrassed about it and stopped asking, and played with N.Sagat instead :rofl:

Capcom vs. SNK 2: 23 entrants

  1. Nestor/Tony B split
  2. Min
  3. DXP (forfeit to Nestor)
  4. Master Chibi
  5. Kevin Zaelar
  6. Capmaster
  7. Nick T

Lots of upsets here. Somehow I managed to OCV Nick T who usually hands my ass to me :looney:

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: 22 entrants
1st Place Split between Andre Aka Demise/Tony B
2nd Place: Isuck
3rd Place : Rafael
4th Place: Merdoc
5th place: MeatTruck
7Th: Dr Ze
8th: Bacardi
9th Pietro
10th: Make a Wish

Don’t ask me how these places work, I Just know there were a LOT of byes. I dropped out of Marvel b/c I got tired of playing and wanted to finish Random ST Teams. Which brings me to…

Super Turbo RANDOM 2v2 Teams: 16 entrants, names drawn out of a hat

  1. Chris Doyle/DXP
  2. John Rambo/Capmaster
  3. Bacardi/David Doyle
  4. Comeback/Tempest
  5. Joey Crack/Deathscythe
  6. Nohoho/SNAAAKE
  7. Nick T/Shag
  8. Zoolander/Sergio

Okay, so I know people are going to say that the teams were stacked…but the names were drawn out of a hat RANDOMLY and I did say that I was going to do this tournament completely randomly - it could have turned out much different, but this was totally left to chance. Next time, we will do this again and I guarantee that we won’t have these same stacked teams again.

Best part of the night was Bacardi vs. Deathscythe Vega mirror match, where both of them went back and forth raping each other, until DS came out on top. This caused Bacardi to explode and demand a $20 moneymatch on the spot. DS then turned amazingly stupid and alowed Bacardi to pick Dhalsim instead of Vega, which led him to get triple dizzied during 1 round and ultimately get destroyed. Oh well, there’s always next time…

Just want to once again thank everyone who came out for this, as you know we can’t do this without the participation of the players, and you guys have been coming out in DROVES.

We are looking at the possibility of doing a “MAJOR” aka a larger-scale event with more resources, better organized, and bigger prizes come the fall. Details on that will be coming after EVO World.

I will be out of the country until Thursday, and I doubt I"ll have internet access, so I’ll talk to you later in the week.

good shit team h8

ST was excellent on saturday. I don’t care about stacked or not; team event was fun. That mash all the way to the title screen trick I nearly used on Comeback was some classy shit, right?

Thanks to Nick for running Super Turbo singles.

I think I saw someone with a camera recording some of the OSK vs. Cap finals? If you’re reading this, please upload! Dave Doyle’s Ryu caught fire towards the end there.

Yeah, I fucked up on that part. I stopped wall diving completely after the first 2 wall dives in the second round.

We’ll be running that back at EVO World, though. That shit was too good. ST was the most hyped tourney of the day.

For me, the best highlight was Nohoho j.strong’ing Boxer’s headbutt against Shag. A few of us just had these “wtf?” looks on our faces.

I got cheated in cvs2. I only lost to the two people who took first/second, but I got fifth T.T. Every bracket since evo east seems to just want to screw me over.

Melty blood: 15 entrants

i want a rematch against frantastic, or just play you in 3s again
i need a new character to play as that doesn’t blow as much as Remy though sigh
next time, higher rank i guess.

Where did all the dudley’s from last time go? I understand when Remy isn’t represented, but c’mon, huge lack of dudley, huge overcrowding of yun’s.

too bad not there weren’t as many attendants as last time. Still had a blast though


VF results

12 players

1st Konjou_Akira (Akira)
2nd Shag (Goh)
3rd Denkai (Shun)

You mean my Yun lol.

Good Shit tho Phil it was awesome to play you.:tup:

Yea ill rematch you why not:bgrin:

There were alot of Yun’s but only one good one lol look at who got first.

Yo you almost had me with Remy so don’t worry too much about that just keep it up.

Well i had maddddddd Fuuuuuunnnnnnnnn:lovin::clap::rock:

GG’s to all

Peace out ppl


Get HYPE next time i can’t do it all by myself:lol:

Fun stuff. I’ll get Mr. Quotes back next time for beating me in winners, then beating me in losers right afterwards.


had a great time even though i choked vs make a wish which was also my favorite match of the night haha. i pull out awesome shit when i’m in clutch mode.

I lost to him in ST. I can’t believe I fucked that up when that was free for me.

Good fun, everyone. I wish I could have signed up for CvS2 but I missed the signups I guess.

Thanks Comeback, for carrying me because I played like utter dogshit during the tournament, I had better rounds against you afterwards, lol.

It remains to say, I need some damn comp up here in Danbury because I almost NEVER get to play.

See you all in Vegas, baby!

lol great stuff…i wouldve gotten top 8 if only i got past sergio (ARGH if only i didnt switch to makoto lol) one the many reasons why i hate ORO with a PASSION…good shit to everyone

LOL at my name being read and said as nick O when it was supposed to be Nica K.O lol ill just say my real name next time

oh yeah my friend was asking for the tekken results…he said he placed top 3 i want to have confirmation

Yuck. Still trying to get rid of the awful taste in my mouth from the finals. But big ups to Dave Doyle/OSK. He had every reason to give in down 2-0 and he willed himself back. He took that shit from me. Hold the “belt” proudly.

Good Games everyone I played yesterday. You ST players came really hard at me. And thanks to everyone who helped run this event and make all SSNs possible.

you st guys are nuts, everyone steps it up everytime, we are all making each other better which is greatness, just wish we could play together more often, hope to play again before vegas. kyle= mvp of the day


Good shit guys, fun event again.

I feel the same way, I probably would have done much better had I not played with Nestor in my first match.

shoutouts later…but to all Tekken results will be up tomorrow

Might as well put up GGXXAC Singles and Random 2v2 Teams up here for the sake of completion.

GGXXAC Singles Results

  1. Marlin(Eddie/Order Sol/Venom)
  2. Andrew(Ky)
  3. Camilo(Sol)
  4. Nestor(Eddie)
  5. Tony(Testament)
  6. Nas(Robo Ky
  7. Chaz(I-No)
  8. Karl Kablisk
  9. Desert Coffin(Baiken)
  10. Timmy(Zappa)
  11. Comeback386(Jam)
  12. Crack(Baiken)
    13(buy in loser’s bracket placement) 54 somethingortheother(Anji)
    13(ditto) Eric (?)
  13. XAQshinor(Dizzy)
  14. Deathscythe(Johnny)
  15. GBursine(?)
  16. Cabinet Smasher(Sol/Venom)
  17. Chris (?)
  18. zidane(FORFEIT)

GGAC Random 2v2 Teams Results

  1. Chaz/Buri
  2. Kyohei/Nas
  3. Andrew/Crack
  4. XAQ/Henaki
  5. Karl Kablisk/Timmy
  6. Tony B./Comeback
  7. Cabinet Smasher/Mr. Mamation
  8. Nestor/Deathscythe