Skullgirls Skype Group

I recently started playing skullgirls, and after being in a marvel skype chat for so long I figured I’d start one for this game as well, so if you wanna talk some skullgirls or maybe get a call going with some lobbies on console or steam (when they’re put in) join up! Heres the link skype:?chat&blob=iOLJM-e2lGvzJOCJjrY22jhJVjiSoODGdts6WtCL4hH31aurn0QlHb7ZxmNjsez0DuJYjNC–ZA or if that doesnt work just shoot me a message my skype name is PurpleChoops and I’ll add you

How many people in this group so far?

There’s a ton, but about 10 of us actively talk

Oops forgot about this thread because it didn’t bookmark :confused: ill join the group

if anyone here plays it for pc and is willin to help a noob out I’d be down to join the group/play sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

do you guys play on ps3 or pc

PC seems to be the platform of choice simply because it’s more up-to-date. The console versions are lagging behind a little due to publisher difficulties.