Skullgirls Online PC Tournament League has begun! ($100 minimum in the prize pot for Season 1)

Skullbats PC

Skullbats have been the SG communities’ version of ranked battles. They’ve existed in various forms on the different platforms. Unfortunately due to PC hype, the PS3 NA Skullbats at the very least, has died off. As most of the community seem to have jumped on the PC train I’m hoping we can consolidate and rekindle this idea. If any other Skullbats are still running please let me know so I can include information here and in the Steam group. If anyone would like to run a separate division because the time or lag does no work for your group also let me know and I’ll try to help out. I’m not sure if any of the previous Skullbats had prizes (PS3 NA did not) but I am going to offer some up this time. Some of this is taken from the old PS3 Skullbats post. Sorry Sanger I’m too lazy to retype it all when it’s waiting there. Hopefully you don’t mind.

Friendly Competitive Environment to Level Up Yo Skullgirls

Online tournament league using the swiss system. Everyone gets a chance to play equally under this type of tournament without being eliminated.

As a RanBat (Ranked Battle) statistics will be kept for ranking all entrants. At the end of a season top ranked players will win prizes. Prizes and distribution undecided at the moment. I will at least put in $100 cash money and I have some other possible contributions.The idea is to have people actually care about these matches.

Brackets will not be finalized till after the tournament starts.

Steam Group:
Skullbats PC

#skullbats If you don’t know how irc works just click that link and enter a nickname in the correct field then hit enter! New channel is on a long with the #skullgirls general chat.

Saturdays 7:00 pm eastern You may enter anytime up till 10 minutes before the matches start. Subject to change if there is a large enough consensus.

-Entrants are expected to be in #skullbats on 5 minutes prior to tournament start to be included.
-Use your steam name in the #skullbats channel for the duration of the tournament. This is for ease of setting up matches.
-Each match is best 2 out of 3.
-Winner must keep team. Loser may change.
-No game breaking glitches.
-If someone does not show up for their match in 5 minutes they will be given a warning, and in 5 more minutes they will be disqualified for the round
-Someone from the match must report who won, but the winner is the one that is held responsible for it.
-Any player may choose to forfeit if they decide the connection is unplayable. The other player will simply get the win.
-If both players agree the connection is bad or don’t want to play in it, they may report a draw.
-Otherwise, standard Swiss System rules. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. Ties are broken by tie breaker points. If there’s any further ties in the top 3 even after that, then they can be decided with a whole set of best 2 out of 3. Ties below top 3 will be left alone.
-For ease of fast reporting, please use the following fomat: “[report]Winner Score” ex. “[report]WhiteFury 2-0”

this is only in na i assume? or is there anything similar for eu players too? :S

When does the season start?

Fuer got his question answered on Saturday but for anyone else wondering it’s mostly NA players atm. As I said in the OP if we find enough interest I’ll help setup for another region. Fuer was mostly lagless if I remember though so EU players can often play fine depending on their connection. Season 1 has already started Dude. Saturday was the first one though so you can easily catch back up.

I’ll join even though I’m new and will most likely lose in the first round.

There will be something similar for EU players.
Without prizes, though.
Sundays 8PM BST/9PM CEST/10PM EEST @ #SkullbatsEU

It used to happen on consoles, will now probably switch to PC.

It may be only happening after SHeart is back, though.