Skullgirls Nominated for 8th Slot at EVO

So yeah, this has been touched on in a few threads but maybe a hub for all discussion is in order?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have seen the announcement of EVO’s 7 main games for this year, plus an 8th game to be determined by donating to a breast cancer research charity. Skullgirls is one of the possible contenders for that slot.

So what do you all think? Should SG have had one of those 7 slots? Do you think it has a chance in the polls? Did you ‘vote’?

I wasn’t going to bother donating to any of the games because I saw the My Little Pony fighting game in there. I like my ponies, but that fandom has a tendency to steamroll any events like this so I felt my vote would be kind of pointless (yes, I know there’s charity involved, but I could just as easily give that donation money to a charity I’m actually interested in). However, the developers of that game, Mane6, recently posted a fairly large response to their nomination which has a couple of nice things to say about SG and specifically discourages bronies from just voting for Ponies sake.

Proper gentlemanly of them that is.

I poured $100 on dat research on SG’s behalf. You guys better make this happen! >=O

I’m really excited about it! I have a good feeling this is very possible! We need to spread the word, and spread the love!
I’m voting and going after more votes.

I donated a small 5 dollars to help SG get there! I want SkullGirls to be a main event!

I would have donated but I poured all my extra money into the AGDQ donation funds.

I wish you luck though in beating MLP, anyone who wants to beat them is going to need it.

It seems Skullgirls is now the lesser of two evils. :badboy: (Just kidding)

Yes, I fully support getting it at Evo. Not just for the sake of beating MLP but also for the fact that if it got in, it would mean my game would have a chance too.

I seriously hope MLP doesn’t win…SkullGirls deserves more of a spot then that game -.-

Isn’t GG in the running for 8th slot? If yes, SG can’t win it. >_>

Hey- how many people have looked at other communities take on this? If you head to dustloop there’s a frontpage article about it that includes mention that SG is a vote option. Peoples response: “Who cares? The ponies have it”. There wasn’t one mention of donating. They’re planning a side tournament already. Still- even on the post linked above- every mention of this vote also mentions Skullgirls. It seems people think that SG deserves this, but the reputation of Bronies overtaking all that ponies touches seems to be keeping everyone away from donating for anything. That could make this an easy shot if people are overestimating the willingness of MLP fans to shove this game into EVO. I’d be glad to put $40 towards SG at evo and plan to do so on payday this week. I see it as “I didn’t pay full price for a game I enjoy fully” and am down to make up for that price difference for the chance at an EVO slot.
I feel like SG winning this would do so much good for the franchise. The exposure, the folk who get the game just to compete seriously, and even winning the slot would prove the attention that autum was asking for (or whoever the forgotten recent petition to prove the interest in Skullgirls was directed towards)

Bad mama-shut yo mouth!

Seriously though, I’m not sure which game deserves more respect. Their stories are similar, sg and fim, but this is Mane6’s first game (that any of them have worked on), and they aren’t getting any money from it, ever. What is now Lab Zero has really perservered, through like 8 years, and still haven’t given up their apparently cursed game. Both are good games, both look good, both were made out of love, and both have many fans (though you may doubt it online in sg). Gotta give respect where it’s due, which is why Mane6 posted what they did; if the “Bronies” vote simply for ponies (which I suspect many still will do) then sg may not win (if all 17k of them vote).


Even I don’t make it to any of the western tournaments, I’m happy to help.

I guess I did sound harsh. I just want to go on the record and say I’m neither a bronie nor an anti-bronie. I just want SkullGirls to win over MLP because SkullGirls is something I want to thrive and live, and if it becomes the 8th spot for evo, that could help it tons!

I guess I’m just scared of MLP being on there because it comes down to the sad fact, there is more of them then there is us.

I just love SkullGirls to death and I want this game to get the recognition it deserves. I don’t want this game to die…

I was thinking about it… the secret is just get a couple of very rich people to donate to it. Where are the relatives of oil tycoons, investment bankers etc.? o_O I’m pretty sure this won’t be more than $150.000. We need a couple of rich dudes to donate that amount and we’re set. o_O

GUYS, we are only $600 short of being at EVO.

Turns out FiM will not be at EVO, so if they win, the SECOND place gets to EVO.

If FiM loses, the winner will get a $1000 pot bonus!

So here’s what we got so far:

  1. Pony menace: $3519.50
  2. Melee: $1404.32
  3. Skullgirls: $814.22
  4. GGAC+: $767.90
    5-etc) whatever

I’m going to donate again. We only have to donate the same amount we already donated again and BOOM we’re in EVO.

I’ll donate again next paycheck.

This shit can happen, 600 dollars isn’t that much for a group of people.


That would be cool if FiM wasn’t already up by 2 G.

I really don’t want Melee in EVO. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really don’t want Melee at EVO.

What makes me sad is there’s no way I’ll get my first paycheck from my new job before the drive ends. So I’ll have to put in my last big donation soon and campaign like a fucking politician.

My stick just got fixed after like a month of bullshit, I’m about to put in that work.

im putting in about 100$ i was originally going to put 50$ but fuck it. its charity and SG.

Keep the donations coming. Sure SG is technically 2nd (with the FIM rule change), but some other communities are gearing up some big donations that could upset the order.

Begrudgingly donated since it seems within the realm of possibility.