SKREAM Twin Arcade Stick Complete Rebuild [Pics Added]

Hi this is my first post and my first attmpt at modding my own stick.

I’ll start off with an introduction, which will tell you about myself and how this mod came about and why etc. Then I’ll show a brief step by step showing all the main modifications and features, some hopefully never done and completely unique.
Let me inroduce myself first, as this is my first post on here.
I’m from London and am in my early 30s, so was there when it all started, I’m good as in good back in the day, but I’m not good as in a tech player like most of you guys,

Anyway, I’m very opioniated and when I get into something I end to go to the extreme. I have had my ps3 for a few weeks now and yet to sit down and play until I have my joystick how I like etc. I like to have all the versions of games and the guides etc, I often spend more time collecting than actually getting down to it and enjoying what ever it is I’m into.

Like most of you Joysticks are very important, I don’t feel it’s being extra to perform a mod and spend that extra money, as a cheap stick or just a stick that doesn’t feel right to you is a big deal when it comes to playing and enjoying the game. It’s not just a luxury, I’d compare it to going to the park and playing football [soccer] with a coke can, instead of a decent ball. If you can’t pull out the moves you are capable of then that is ruining the game you may as weel have buttons missing on your joypad.

I was very fussy when it came to playing street fighter, as my local arcade had a specific stick that I got used to playing on, and when I ventured to other arcades and was greeted with a looser stick but it had alot more give. my game suffered, and I was beaten often with humiliating results.

Until I started playing Vs fighting games, the type of stick didn’t really matter, now when ever I played I found loose sticks with increased throw very frustrating to play with. The increased throw allowed more room for wrror in the extra gap between the execution of one direction input to the other and the looseness just helped amplify any slight miss direction.

In the past I had invested in concole arcade sticks, but they were all the same loose and wide throw type stick, not only that the sticks seemed to be alot shorter. For years I gave up the hope of ever beeing able to have the same experience I had in the arcade. Joypads were better to use than a rubbish stick but no match for a perfect stick.

Recently I started to question the situation and I done some research, I was more on the tip of building an arcade machine, and then I saw people making custom sticks and using arcade parts, which made me think about the stick I prefered to use. I always thought it was the most responsive and the only stick realy that was any good, it wasn’t like there were similar sticks it was that or nothing.

After some research I discovered that all my thoughts had some validity, the stick was not extremly popular, but it was an unsung hero and deemed by those in the know as the holy grail. It is of course the suzo arcade stick, there are several version which I will go into later, as I own all of them now, and one of the best ones by accident as I though it was a Knock off and that the Suzo inductive was there most sort after stick especially since production has ceased. But As I’m more into fighting games, the inductive is not wasted but is not going to show it’s full potential, as fightsticks just need to register the one input and not variations of left etc. The stick which I am currently refubishing is the original Suzo with the rubber gromit instead of a spring.

Now that I had founfd what stick was my choice and identified it, I set out to create my own custom stick with the parts of my choic, so I could at last recreate my arcade experience at home. This thread will show you How I created my stick and the lessons I learned on the way, together with planned modifications and artwork and some spontanious strokes of genius that make my irst stick mod something I’m very proud of and hs inspird me to create more. I hope I can help some beginners as there are certain things that can baffle you when you start out, and hopefully some people can answer some questions of my own and give me some feedback to help me in the future.

Watch this space, In a few hours I will upload photos showing beginning to the end of my mod, and hopefully some firsts when it comes to modding. I had alot of ideas for features, alot didn’t make it but some surprising new ones that weren’t planned did. I have started modding all the left over parts and the Ultimate JLF mod on my madcatz PS3 & Wii sticks. I also have some other ideas for projects which I will be starting shortly.

STEP 1: Aquiring & Asessing Donor Parts.
The only way to own a stick that meets your needs is to make it yourself, to save time and money and as this is my first attempt, I needed to start from something that I would be able to mod to exactly my spec, but without me having to get a degree in several fabrication and engineering skills, although I was yet to learn that this would not be possible but luckily I learnt on the way.
Alot of planning went into my build and alot of luck, as this was my first attempt, things I should of looked out for such as the depth of the stick casing, stick mounting method etc were all things I overlooked, thankfully luck was on my side and I picked a gooden. When I did further research I realised how lucky I was as so many people have come unstuck as they have bought sticks to mod only to find that the case is to shallow etc.
The stick I ende dup with was the Skream Twin Arcade stick for the playstation.

STEP 2: Internal Examination

STEP 3: Transplant Preperation

STEP 4: Transplant Test Fit

STEP 5: Strip & Rebuild

STEP 6: Custom Artwork Dust Washer WIth Felt Underside

STEP 7: Turbo Latch Button Mod

STEP 8: Final Tweeks

Who did your printing? That whole setup looks awesome!

that’s nice for a first time modder! great work…you’ve set a high bar for yourself :razz:

The artwork is really nice.

I’ll take a page out of your book and do one my self. Great job

hey, i think you beat me to this stick on ebay uk a few months back…

good job on the mod though.

Naish shtuff. Good Job.

Well I live in London so it was a chain of small high street printers, that are good for one of prints, not as good quality as you would get from ful scale operation using seperate plates. I was a bit disapointed as the background graphics are vector and should of been alot crisper, but maybe that was due to the medium they printed on, as it’s sticky vinyl/plastic, it also has a matt texture finish kinda of like the madcatz capcom vs tatsunoko stick unlike the smoth glossy finish of the ssf4 se stick. I lke the finish and the sticker didn’t stretch as i lifted it up and kept redajusting it. The plus point wa that originally I was going for full colour, but as the buttons were different colours I wanted the meaning of representin strength to be clear, and as the art in the buttons was printed out at home and do have a bit of colour for the ps x sq circle triangle, it was just a fluke that I hadn’t thought about black & white being cheaper than a full colour print, and it was a third of the cost, so the fact i printe dthe minimal colour parts at home and went for greyscale at the last minute all worked out in my favour.

it was a while a go now, it has taken me this long to actually get round to doing it, but yeah probaly me as I have never seen the stick again since. I’m looking to get another, If I see one I’ll hit you up as I doubt I will be after it any time soon but always looking. It’s definently wort it, and the sticks are very modable, I’ll show what Ive done soon.

this is what tech talk is all about! this inspires me. good job dave!

iirc it wa a buy it now/best offer…

Seriously though, who ARE Skream?

They build a full-on HSS-0136 clone / candy cab panel replica, and no-one has ever heard of them?

Was last june, just checked. is iirc ur ebay name, what ever i is, looks familiar.

mangox and others thanks again, but I’d like just as much to hear some negative points, but in a posative way, some peeps have been negative on the suzo thread but can’t give any advice onto how I can go about correcting what they feel is wrong. Apart from the suzo stick which I love as you may know from the other thread, is the fact the case plastic a real turn off for peeps. It was all I could find as a twin base, and I think it does the job well.
kikimaru024** I just checke the box, and althought hey use the playstation trademarked, I doubt it’s officialy licensed, and there is no sighn of adress or anything else that would help identify them as a brand etc.

Can you update the pics please? I’m looking into getting one of these and want to know how easy it is to mod and if things fit the case.