Skill Hypothetical

players A and B play 100 matches. because his opponent is B, every single match is a nail biter (ex. 1 pixel battles, B holding life lead most of the match but A makes an amazing comeback, match leads, B may even get some perfects). however, despite all of that, the score is 100-0, A’s way.

is A significantly more skilled than B? what if this is A’s first week playing the game and B’s been playing it professionally for 5 years and placing highly in major tourneys (top 10)? say each of the 100 was a total blowout instead of a nail biter, would your opinion of A’s or B’s skill change?

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Thread subjects are getting more and more absurd as of late

To answer this very relevant question, the guy who won 100 times is of course better, but maybe the newcomer has potential. Or something, who cares

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the answer is simple, both players suck. Player C is the true winner cause he didn’t waste his time playing his buddy 100 times.

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Yes, go back to training mode and practice :stuck_out_tongue:

you didnt answer the what ifs

that would mean that B has huge problems being consistent and he’s gotta work on it

ty for input. i considered a bunch of different scenarios but the most obvious one bypassed me