Hey everyone. I don’t really know why, but all of a sudden I’ve been making shitloads of variants of my original av, which was just a play on the original SNK logo. I ended up with SKANK in the original blue, then I started a blog and decided to make other ones to fill up the page. I first just made a color invert, then I made a color spectrum… pretty soon I had themed ones being made, and that’s where I am now really. I guess the point of this thread is to just keep it updated with whatever new ones I come up with. Here are the one’s I’ve done so far:

I’ll tag each, but most of the themed ones will be instantly recognizable.

column one:

original play on SNK logo
color invert of OG skank
black/white pixelated
binder paper
Dr. Pepper
color spectrum

column two:

YouTube (my personal favorite)
frontpage SRK logo with Chun
Chibi style
Bank of America

column three:

Jack in the Box
The Home Depot
Discovery Channel
GameFAQs frontpage

I put a good amount of effort into these (the SRK one almost killed me, so much manual gradient work), and I’m actually surprised with my results since I don’t know jack shit about even intermediate image manipulation (I use Paint.NET with a dash of MS Paint :sweat:). So there you have it—my skanks thus far. I only started working on them in my spare time around this past Sunday, but I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to do since then.

I’ll gladly consider any idea/ theme I haven’t done or thought of yet :wgrin:. I’ll bump this with each new one I complete.

OP pic updated; one for the eve of KoF98UM’s arrival in the states.

I couldn’t resist, I had to make a Chibi av:


Damn cool, MezzoForte.

Damn cool.

I thought this was a thread about NBA player Boris Diaw at a nightclub (Google it)

Nice designs.

Thanks; rep is much appreciated as well.

LOL, yeah sorry for the misleading title, guys :sweat:.

Capcom vs SKANK

How about a SF4 Skank?

A SF4 skank was actually one of my first ideas, but looking at the official logo, I realized it would sort of be a challenge to make one look all brushy and artsy while keeping the integrity of the original design. I’ll definitely see what I can do, but yeah thanks for prompting that. Gotta get back to work on these!

I think this is a good reference point:

Here’s a pretty bad ass spot to snag the logo, thanks to Huy-N.

Holy shit, those will definitely come in handy.

Skank of America…

Skank One

Planet Rock…Skank Shop

Skank in the Box

Deff go with a subway theme… lol

OP pic updated, and I gotta say, Skank of America was genius.

Oh that’s hot!


I also would like to see Capcom vs. SKANK and SFIV SKANK.

This is too good

This thread title is misleading.

Dang, it’s been a while (way too busy lately), but I’m still at it! I like how this one turned out. Skank in the Box… :rofl:. Next up: Subway.

You should have made “PRANK” versions yesterday