Sj cancelled close MK

What’s the best thing to follow it up with? I always have a brain fart whenever I use this move and end up doing close MK, super jumping forward, lazily floating around, then slapping roundhouse because I can’t think of anything better to do. What’s the best way of using this move? I want to work it into my game more but I’m not entirely sure what to do with the damn thing (and if anyone thinks about suggesting SAII, no. Just… no.)

Is it possible/practical to close MK, super jump backwards, then air dash back towards the opponent for a tick throw/MP/dive/whatever? Can you IAD in this situation? At the moment, I’m air dashing in, attacking, then either going for a throw or using a block string to push myself back to safety. I’d love to hear what people do with this move and whether it is a good move to work into Twelve’s up close game or not, because I think it would give me more options to work with.

Well most people that use the s.MK super jump cancel usually just do a forward IAD as low to the ground as possible and then throw a air LP, MP and then set up fo a throw. Or come down with a j.HK after the IAD and then continue pressure. You can also whiff a air MK after a forward IAD if they decide to crouch and then come down to the ground and perform a throw/poke string. IADing into air qcb+P isn’t bad either. Remember…the lower you can IAD to the ground after the jump cancel…the better. You can purposely IAD higher to throw the opponent off but…I would try to keep it low to minimize risk of getting punished.

You can even just do a regular super jump and come down with a cross up j.HK or just fly to the other side of the screen (perform an air qcb+HK if needed) if you need to escape due to lack of health or what not.

to D.R.A. (LK/EX) is ok, risky doesn’t combo but suprising none the least. I’m usually never in position 4 s. MK always zoning most of the time and throwing

Okay, retarded question - so the motion for a super cancel IAD is down, up/towards, towards?

cam347 - I’m not in the habit of using s.MK either but like I said, the more options, the better.

true dat true dat. Unfortunatley I cant even sjc MK to IAD only XFLAT or DRA but I think that motion is correct

sjc MK to IAD isn’t all that difficult. Especially if you have a good stick. It’s the same principal as IADing in Guilty Gear. Just tap uf, then f quickly. Hit d before uf if you need to super jump cancel IAD.

I can get IAD fine, I can’t get sjc IAD anywhere near as well. Not sure why. Just need more practice I guess.

For superjump cancelling into IAD, I just hit down-up then F, F. No shortcuts, just fast hands. I’m not even that fast, it’s just random stuff like that I can do no problem.