Size of the screws for a HAPP comp stick?

What are the sizes of screws that I would need to screw this in.

Also, I see that people have attached the stick without the screws showing. How would I go about doing that?

I’m also curious. I’m getting 2 happ boxes soon, so I need to pick up screws from Home Depot. I’m interested in the round carriage bolts. What size is needed?

As far as making the screws not show, you would use flat head screws and countersink them into the panel. Then an additional plexiglass panel would go over that panel.

Can I get both metric and American measurements?

I think I used a #8 or #10 for my last one, but I can’t really remember. As far as I could tell the size of the screw doesn’t really matter as long as the nut on the other side holds it in place properly.

#8 definitely work. They’re what I used on my shoebox stick.

Thats called bottom-mounting. It means that the stick is actually attached to a piece of wood under the panel.

I just finished a stick box with this very design. I’ll draw something up or take pictures early tomorrow. The paint is drying right now. hehe.