Site Update

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that I updated my site (mirror)

Added a whole lot of new animations for the characters and also included colour-swapping! Just click a palette on the right menu for each character to have it change colour.

I’m still going thru the testing phase right now, still have to fix some issues, but the general idea is there. Sorry it’s a bit late for all those people that wanted palette swaps of certain animations all those years ago when I first started the site, but better late than never, right?

Any comments and suggested appreciated.

Also, I know Ibuki and Gill aren’t done yet, still working on those :sweat:

And yes I plan to finally record characters’ endings and post those in there as well.


ZweiFuss, you are awesome.


and it’s about fucking time…i almost thought you died or somethin’…

checks the site out

man, a thousand blessing on animating this:

i’m in love…


Awesome deal. Definately useful especially with the new addition of the color palette swap.


>>> Me

Yeah, really great stuff, man.


holy shit, that’s awesome!

is Ibuki on the “waiting” list to be finished up? :slight_smile:

You mentioned Ibuki and Gill, but in case you didn’t know, you’re also missing Akuma’s teleport/shun goku satsu slide.


I hear ya guys (and gals?). Ibuki is giving me a hard time but she’s about half-way done right now. The problem is her hair sprite is seperate from her body sprite, so I have to do a lot of manual cutting-and-pasting to get things done. And I actually forgot to rip her plain-clothes palette in paintshop pro files! So I had to do that, and I will add those to my sprites section as well when I’m done.

As for missing animations on other pages, I will get to them once I get something going for Gill and Ibuki. Every single link in the move tables will be a clickable link when I’m done with this thing. Glad everyone still cares about the site, it’s amazing how 3S has longevity!


girls? where!? is she Black!? i prefer Latinas!!![/sarcasm]

no, no, only doods come here including myself, fyi…well, at least now anyway.:sad:

back on subject, no matter how long it takes, im truley thankfull for all your hard work and the dilligence that you’ve applyed to making these sprites and allowing us to have these sprites for whatever purpose that we might use them for. you’re a hero in my book.


You’re the Zazzarius of 3s.


Thanks for the props!

Well the worst is behind me, got all the characters up and running. Now I will go back and fill in the missing gaps and do some debugging on the html. Still have that issue where if an animation is too large, you can’t click on any of the links. I have to solve that problem for sure.

Ibuki and Gill were a pain to do, and still have a little bit of work to be done on them, but for the most part they are complete. Hope you guys enjoy it!

~peace out~


I literally couldn’t make the vid I’m working on now if not for your hard work, yo. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.


Excellent work.

But I have one complaint =/

You used to be able to browse the directories on your site but it looks like its been disabled. I bring it up because browsing the directories was the only way to get the animated pics in a stages background. i.e. rain for Yang’s stage, people in Dudley’s stage etc. is it possible to bring it back?

Right… sorry, I guess I’ll have to add a link to that. My new server doesn’t allow browsing of directories, the newwavemugen one still works though for that. SO to clarify: -> no browsing of directories -> browsing of directories

I want to organize all those gifs anyway and then post them on character pages, that’ll make everything cleaner. Either that or create a whole new page for extra graphics.


ahh thanks, for that. again great work :tup:

great site Zweifuss.
thx for this labour of love!

Much love for Zweifuss.