Site Dedicated to KOF

I am going to be the President of my schools fighting game club in a few weeks and i wanted to give them some links to forums dedicated to specific fighting games. I cant really find any websites that are tailored only toward KOF, like Dustloop is for Guilty gear and this site is for Street fighter. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:



edit:in the end here is the best place anyway

Orochinagi has more than a couple of threads summarizing characters from '02 and '02UM; sometimes, it can be more in-depth than what you’ll find on the wiki, and at other times, you’ll just get a rundown of the moves.

AHH, please stop mentioning that wiki…it’s incomplete and the site no longer allows me to edit it or it would have been much more complete. That’s why I created that kof2002 character writeups thread, but nowadays I don’t have as much time to work on those.

CX 3.0 doesn’t have anything right now.

Yeah all the info that was stored on the old CX forums in gone now. I’ve tried to make accounts on the SRK wiki to add info there but it seems they won’t accept them so I cbf trying to improve that anymore.

IMHO the best places for KoF discussion now would be either this subforum or the new CX forums provided the old regulars continue to contribute. From what I’ve heard Orochinagi has just turned into a place for people that met there to hang out, there isn’t much gameply discussion anymore.

thank you sir

Alright, i really appreciate the responses :lovin: I didnt want anyone who wanted to get good at KOF to feel like they dont have a place to go and discuss indepth strategy. Our club is more of an appreciation type club, but I want the members to have an outlet where they can step their game up if they really wanted to. I will check out all of the sites you guys posted up and try to get that information to the members at the first meeting.

so is all the info on the old cyberfantix forum gone now??? Man, I hope not, was still looking through it for old kof 2k2 stuff. With cx and the shoryuken wiki (temporarily?) down now, it’s hard to find good info on 2k2. If anyone has an archive of some of those old forum posts, I’d be grateful.

Wish I could read japanese, they got a nice wiki with all sorts of frame data and stuff for 2k2

Yep. I was gonna back up a lot of the 98UM and 2k2UM information but I didn’t get around to it before the forums disappeared. I didn’t do it because I thought the admins were backing up the forums (now that I think about it, they may actually have done this, so I’ll see if I can get a copy of the backup if they have it). Anyway I’m sure as a community we all have the knowledge in our collective head, just ask whatever you want to know about in it’s respective thread and someone will surely answer. It won’t be an easily searchable repositry of information like a wiki, but it’s better than nothing.

CX lost all their info? That happened to ON too. Dammit!! ON has a good guide to XII, but it’s not finished. I like the KOF translated manga there.