Singletons and other unique traits for characters

This thread was made for UMVC3 a while ago and I did a google doc for KI as well regarding this. Basically a singleton is anything unique a character has that no other character has. Some characters may also have something that is not unique only to them, but maybe only to one or 2 other characters that is worth noting also. Helps to get an idea of where a character excels or generally learn something good or bad about them that you didn’t know before.

Bold = shared with another character

If you know anything unique definitely post.


  • Has a guard crush fireball in V Trigger.
  • One of the only characters with 2 different supers. The powered up version guard crushes.

Chun Li:

  • The fastest plus on block crush counter in the game. 7 frame start up and plus 2 on block.
  • Safest on block overhead in the game (Senenshuu, neg 2 on block)
  • df+HK is only normal that is plus 4 on block
  • V Trigger strengthens her frame data on hit
  • V Trigger allows her to absorb projectiles with b+HP


  • Has attacks that can pierce through the opponent in V Trigger (spiral arrow, cannon strike)
  • Only character with attack that passes through the opponent in neutral position (V Skill/Hooligan)



  • Only character that gets charge times reduced or eliminated in V Trigger.
  • Most positive on block crush counter in the game (s.HK 8 frame start up, plus 3 on block).
  • Can super in the air
  • Has hard knockdown specials
  • Only character with teleport dash (passes through opponent in V Trigger)
  • Only character with OTG move
  • Only character with projectile reflecting move


  • One of the only characters that can build V Gauge by whiffing it (eating donut, throwing can).
  • The only character that can add time to his V Trigger after activating by eating donuts (gives him about 10 percent V Trigger time back)


  • I think the only character that can make his shoryu safeish on block with VTC


  • Only character with infinite V Trigger time
  • One of the only characters with 2 different supers
  • Only character with V Trigger that improves frame data on hit and block.


  • Only character with 2 stances
  • Can utilize V Trigger in the air


  • Can cancel his projectile into movement to move forward at you during the projectile.
  • Seems to be the only character that can use his projectile to push you out of blockstun.


  • Only character with rekkas (during V Trigger)


  • Only character with air command grab.
  • Only character that can juggle into an air command grab
  • Only character with a normal with absorbs projectiles without any powerup or prerequisite


_ Only character that can immediately build V Gauge during his V Trigger. He has no V Trigger timer during the flame carpet and can build meter as normal again to get towards another carpet.

  • Can super in the air
  • Only character that can move horizontally in the air with a float


Mika has that special reeling state from f+mp. Can Bison still OTG with headstomp? Vega might be the only one that can activate v-trigger in the air?

I didn’t realize he could air V Trigger. Reminds me of KI where only 2 of the characters can air instinct.

Oh yeah hes the only person that can super in the air too.


Only character with teleport dash
Only character with 2 non-CA HKD (correct me if I am wrong)
Only character with OTG (?)
Only character that can cancel into CA from almost any situation (?)

Oh yeah, Bison has that Demitri dash and Nash can steal meter, if that hasn’t changed.

Thars right the dash. It can only pass through people when hes in V Trigger right?

Just remembered Dhalsim can air super too.

Can he CA from jump or is headstomp the only air option?

According to the last build yes. But it can pass through projectiles in both.

Both. Headstomp (before it hits and after it connects), Jump, Devil, and Skulldiver.

So which Bison moves are the ones that cause HKD?

I am pretty sure that Mika’s Ex throws cause HKD as well. It is just because she does a pose after them that you can’t pressure after them but they are HKD.

What special moves of Bison’s get eliminated charge times in V-Trigger, exactly?

All of them, if done one after another

Bison can cancel EX Specials into EX Specials during vtrigger still can’t he?

Mika has her off the ropes wall bounce which I’ve never even seen in any other game that I can recall. She has an “assist”. She is the only character capable of a “power up” state outside of v-trigger install.

Cammy can no longer pierce with her v-trigger spiral arrow, d3v mentioned this to you in the buffs/nerfs thread. Cammy is also not the only character who can side switch a neutral position opponent, Karin can perform one from her vtrigger rekka followups.

Unless they also removed the normal version of Tenko, Karin is the only character with a “Just Frame” move.

Nash and Ken can also cancel their projectile to move forward at you like Rashid via their V-trigger, not sure if you wanted to mention that. They do work differently.

Kind of silly to say Gief is the only char with an air command grab then also say he is the only character who can combo into an air command grab don’t you think? If he is the only one with the move of course he is the only one with the moves properties.

I believe Gief is the only character with a “vacuum” move at the moment.

Birdie is the only character with a special input of hold down a button. There are chargeable normals so I’m not sure if this really is worth mentioning.

Vega is the only character with accessories, just proving how fabulous he is. While you already have him listed as having two stances it’s worth noting he not only can permanently lose his claw but he also has a mask he can lose.

Dhalsim has the longest reaching crush counters in the game. I believe he is the only character at the moment who can dive kick from a neutral jump, can he do it from back jump too?

Doesn’t Chun Li V-skill now builds meter when it whiffs?

Rashid has a non install V-Trigger that boost his moves compared to other Characters that only get that if their V-Trigger is an install

It’s obvious but I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet:

Every characters v skill is different. Only bison and Nash come close to each other in use, and for that matter v trigger in general is different for every character.

Of course not needed to say this for every character, but might make things more concise to add it to the bottom or top of the op.

That’s a good point and something I thought about too. I think they did a good job making sure each character has their own “groove”.

@Eternal I guess you’re right about the Gief thing. I’ll look at adding some of the other stuff you typed as well.

@Segatic They had that in the beta 2 build and removed it from the newer builds. Stress test Chun Li can’t build on whiff anymore and the hit box on V Skill doesn’t hit crouchers anymore (though it starts up one frame faster now).

So Chun’s V-skill is back to 11 or did they make it 10? Because in Beta 2 they increased it from 11 to 12F

What build is that? The stress test? Was that build more recent than the one at canada cup? Because in the canada cup build she most definitely could pass through.

EX/VEX Scissor Kick and VEX Head Press, IIRC.

I think Eternal is confusing EX Arrows (which no longer pierce) with V-Trigger ones which, last I checked, still do.