Simplified Vewlix Cabinet Build & Worklog

Hey Everyone… For my summer project I’m building a simplified mini Vewlix Style Arcade Cabinet design that anyone can put together with just some basic power tools and some wood from any hardware store. My budget for this build is about $300 (excluding a console & monitor which I already own). I will be updating this post with my build process. Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated!

Power Tools Used:

  • cordless drill / screwdriver
  • circular saw
  • jigsaw
  • 30mm / 24mm forstner drill bits (for the button holes)
    *FYI - Im using a black and decker “Matrix” power drill system that has swap-able attachments for all the tools i listed above. Pretty awesome.


  • Asus VH236H “Evo” 23" Monitor
  • Sanwa or Seimistu Joystick and Buttons (haven’t decided yet)
  • PS360+ PCB
  • Whatever I console/pc I decide to plug it into.


  • $100 for lumber, plexi, and random hardware
  • $55 for sanwa buttons / stick - (will be using a left over PS360+ but add $60 to the build)
  • $25 for artwork printed
  • $25 for paint
  • $20 LED light bar for marquee

I am uploading all my build pics here.
Also Updating the SRK TT Facebook Group.

Thanks for the support everybody!

Current Specs for the build (revision 4):

Base Build:

Finished the base late yesterday. Holding off on installing the adjustable feet until the painting process is complete. Moving onto the sides!

Sides and Monitor/Speaker Mount Build:

Cut out & installed the sides. Did the long diagonal cuts with the circular saw and then switched to the jigsaw as I approached the angles. I realized I messed up installing the legs as I originally made them flush with the back of the base. They are now reinstalled flush with the back of the sides. Moving on to the monitor and speaker mounts…

7/8 - Worked on the Monitor & Speaker Mount today and did a quicking fitting of the monitor and framed out the front panel. Im using foam padding sandwiched in between each speaker to fill in the space for the time being. might actually leave it since it will give me flexibility to swap out speakers in the future.

Control Panel:

7/11 - started framing out the control panel. thinking of creative ways to make it look interesting instead of just a box…

7/12 - used some of the extra wood pieces to design some accent pieces to the frame.

7/14 - Cut the plexi (after 2 tries) and support pieces for the control panel. Also rounded the edges with a router so it doesn’t dig into your wrists while playing.

7/19 - Button holes cut via a 30mm / 24mm forstner bits. Used a 4 layer system for the control panel (1/2" ply + masonite + artwork + plexi). Installed the buttons and wired to a PS360+.

Artwork / Paint

My custom artwork was inspired by the orignal Vewlix “diamond edition” cabinet color scheme. I intentionally made the marquee artwork slightly lighter with the hopes that it can be lit up with a light behind it. The instruction card features the logos and a great graphic from Brigaz via Deviant Art. Designed the control panel graphics with the classic Vewlix style lines and outlined circles. There is also a translucent abstract graphic layered in to add some depth. You may notice there is an extra 24mm button. It was added just in case the PS4 touchpad button becomes map-able in the future.

7/19 Update:
Primer Coat Down!

We have some color! Sprayed the blue and silver highlights. Installed marquee graphics & test Fitting the control panel pieces…

Favorited this thread…looking forward to updates homie

Found a LED lightbar at IKEA for $20.

I have always felt that a good base or frame for a diy arcade cab would be an adjustable, steel keyboard stand such as this one.

@buyproduct nice find man! all that would need is a control panel and monitor mount and its good to do… thinking about building one?

Looks good so far. Lots of pics please.

Thanks @ericleroi - your build definitely inspired me to do this!

Thanks for that jonnyfraze. I got inspired seeing what other people were doing when I built mine and it’s good to be able to pass some of it on!

I have that keyboard stand for my midi controller. But now it pulls double duty as my arcade stick stand for my VLX when I play fighters.

7/5 update:

updated the specs above to revision #3 - they are now aligned with the minor changes I made while building. also added some pics of my progress on the sides… thanks for the support yall…

This is some amazing work! I’ve wanted a bunch of the Kraylix cabs for a long time for events. I’d rather build them as you are doing, but I am horribad with woodworking mainly because don’t have the tools for it.

You only used a circular saw and jigsaw here?

Keep it up bro.

Hey @FrankCastleAZ - yup that’s all I’m using. Just need a steady hand and some patience!

Considering the limited toolset, it’s extremely impressive. Great job jonyfraze!

thanks @ericleroi !

by the way guys… posted updated pics of the monitor / speaker mount…

Been following this on IG, but it’s nice to follow it in a solid flow and on the proper forum :smiley: Keep up the good work bro!

Awesome work. Loving this log. Pretty amazing with the tools you’re limited to.