Simple linkers becoming Enders?


I’am new to the forums and wanted to see if any body had an answer to my question.

I main Spinal and was in practice mode working on manuals when a strange thing occurred. For some reason after an opener I tried to link teleport using light kick but got the ender instead. Same thing with medium kick. Also strange, I tried to do his sword slash (quarter circle back light or medium punch) and got the teleport ender as well. Every time I did quarter circle back with any of the buttons it did the teleport ender. Only time it didn’t is if I did a shadow move. It was like the game thought I was hitting heavy kick ever time. I check my button layout but nothing was wrong.

Sometimes it did revert back to being a linker but it would eventually go back to being an ender. It was hit or miss.

I am thinking there either was some weird glitch going on (because I have had the game freeze up on me all of a sudden recently during matches too) or there is something wrong with my controller.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this may be happening I would appreciate very much. Thank you

I don’t know anything about Spinal yet but maybe it’s negative edge? Post the combo here and i will see if it happens to me.

This does happen, ive noticed it with glacius also. I dunno what causes it.

The only thing I noticed weird as far as inputs was I remember one match I played with onyx online where I was no longer able to do shadow fireballs even though I clearly had the meter for it. Then like almost the next match I was suddenly able to do shadow fireballs again.