Simple LED buttons?

This might be a dumb question but is there such a thing as simple LED buttons that just stay on all the time when the controller is plugged into a USB? Simple as in all I need to do is buy the button, connect it to a PCB with no soldering and that’s it?

It doesn’t matter what kind of button it is, or the quality of it. As long as it just stays lit while the controller is plugged in.

Also, if there is, or if there isn’t can someone link me to a tutorial guide on how to do a simple LED installation. I couldn’t find one in the search.

You can just wire Arc-eyes to the USB power and ground on PS3 and Xbox 360 sticks. Not sure how many you can run at once, or how bright it will be.

Sticks are (mostly) not made with the intent to be easily modifiable. There aren’t going to be ‘power’ lines on any commercially produced stick.

Its just for a wooden stick I’m making with 6 LED buttons. with a Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3

They don’t need to be bright at all. Just noticeable when your looking at it

oh yea I forgot to ask. The lights themselves don’t need to be specific colors. Just like cheapo ones where I can just get already colored pushbuttons and then just light them up.

Just to mention, Toodles KNSert LEDs would do the job you’re seeking pretty well.

KNsert LED Board

Right now they’re out of stock, but may restock. :stuck_out_tongue: is also releasing a economy LED similar to this, plus full RGB LEDs. Pre-wired so little to no soldering is required. Will be priced very reasonable when released in a few weeks. Searching Tech talk for no controller LED install should turn up results.