simple avatar request

could anyone make me an avatar with this picture

any kind of lighting effect would be great too


Hope you like it.

Dayum yo! That’s some prime shi’ man! Nicely done.
Edit: Uh…its over the file size no? Or is he premium…(runs off to go look…doesn’t look like it…runs back). Passes out from running too much

damn amazing work thanks so much!
however it is over the file size
amazing nonethless!!!

is there anyway u can make it fit the file size :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

shit what’s the filesize limit? I don’t remember. I thought it was 28.8?

is 20kbs the right size?

it is 19.5

shit lol damn the filesize limit kills this

sorry for all the trouble and thanks so much!!! :lol: