Simple Av Request

Can anyone make me a somewhat cool looking msp avatar with the initials “MH” somewhere on it ? For non-prem user with i’m not too sure what the max file size and image size is.

As for sprites i found these … use the light white greyish magneto and psylocke and if u could edit the storm color to try to match the rest that would be awesome. :pray:

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the thread title is misleading as in regards of being ‘simple’ but i’ll try this one out if i have the time…

cool, that’d be appreciated

hmmm i guess upon second glance the request isn’t as simple as the title makes it out to be …

hot diggity that was fast and the av is exactly what i wanted, thanks man !!!

would rep u if i could

again thanks , u rock !

you’re welcome.

i only said it’s not simple due to the fact that most IMMers dont color swap sprites and some of us dont care for that shyt either.

i’ve had a lil’ practice so…lucky you.