Simple av request.

Just this image

(if you can touch up the garbles)

Resized with my name on it. Go nuts on what ever if you’d like. My photoshop is busted sooo…

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, so it seems you want in on the SSBB avatars. Yeah I managed to make mine but I don’t know if I could make one with regular dimensions and your name on it…

I’ll try later. (But don’t expect much, honestly.)

Can I take a screen cap of a similar image from the video? Most of the time you can do better than the ones up on IGN.

Yeah you can take a screen cap yourself if you want.

**:annoy: Woah woah woah! Hold up. Who said you can change your Bloo av!?:wgrin: **

Ok, here is my attempt:

Yeah, I know, not very good. I could probably do better with premium dimensions, such as getting him in a flying screen. Whatever, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

If someone who’s better wants to take a stab at it here’s the screen cap I used:

Maybe I will try giving it a border once I figure out how to make/find/apply a fancy border.

Yeah, no offense but I dont think I’ll wear that.:sad:

Maybe I’ll get at quiche since he made the original sprited smash av’s.

Good, I really didn’t want you to to tell the truth. XD

Mine’s decent looking, mainly because I saved it at maximum quality. Yours looks slightly better at max quality, but then it’s like 30kb so that’s a no go.

Get Quiche on the case, lol.