Sim wish list

What would you like as changes to sim in the new version of SF4?

Personally I think he has all the tools. All I wish for is bumping up his health to 950 from 900. The amount of games I lose by just a little margin is ridiculous. Even 925 I would be over the moon!

Another thing would be to increase his damage output of ultra from 300 to 350 or 400. But I can’t really complain about that since it’s the most versatile ultra in the game.

Eh, I think all I’d like to see is for the ultra to do a couple more hits once activated so you have more time for mixups (and it can still do 300 damage total, ie less damage per hit, I just want a bit more time), all fireballs to go the same distance, ex fireballs to not dissipate, and no close normals to be unsafe on block. Oh, and make rh slide start up and recover faster and short slide have a couple more frames of cancelability.

ST2 drills!

I think in Dash, Sim should go even with all the top tier characters in the game. Oh wait

Do you know something I don’t?

Really I’m happy with em, maybe a bit health and stun, mostly stun. Really I want new characters, or rather I want ibuki but I already know they won’t add any new character dlc for awhile, but I can still hope.


I’m really happy with Sim as is – I think he’s pretty perfectly crafted relative to the rest of the cast.

If I could tweak him just a bit, I’d give him a faster standing overhead. I like using that shit, and I could use it more effectively if it came out just a bit quicker!

I like the idea of giving him back his drills, but then again, I think Capcom made a conscious decision to make SF4 Sim into a defence-first character…

Faster recovry on His limb and frame advantage at yoga flame and faster forward dash and Db lp link

Where did u guys read that a new version of sf4 is coming out?

I like how reading other posts like this there’s allot of suggestions one way or another about almost every character however when it comes to sim everyone is pretty happy with how he works, however I get the feeling if everyone else gets minor tweaks this might in turn lower sims overall chances against each character. Thinking about it I’d really like yoga blast to be a wake up move. As it stands the move itself has very limited use and even as a wake up it wouldn’t be all that great but it would prevent allot of wake up cross up shenanigans and give sim a wake up option outside of block, throw or teleport or just give us sf alpha 3 yoga escape which is like wake up teleport but, better. I guess I just want wake up options.

It hasn’t been announced yet but I’d bet my bottom dollar there will be another in the near future… 3 versions of SF3 and countless versions of SF2 should be a good indicator.

He already has one… b.strong

Yeah that would be useful. That weird ass slinky motion is terrible to look at and use.

It would be nice if lp fire did not dissipate but mp and hp ones should since they knockdown.

but it doesn’t work in wake up. Probably the actual dhalsim’s uppercut is blast ex. But it’s not so good as any uppercut.

My wishlist:

  • light attacks has more frame advantage on hit (can combo)
  • teleport in the corner works different (you can escape)

but probably Dhalsim will become too strong in this way…

=D i shoulda been more specific , an uppercut with a 3frame startup =)

Faster drills. Also, system-wide I think Holds should be mashable for more hits

i think just give him an invincible
ex upflame or ex flame i say around 2-3 frames of startup with some invincibility around 1.2 or 1.5
with that we wont have to STRUGGGGGLE against rufus’ or niggas who just bum rushes…

AGREE !!! yoga flame is so useless except for BnB.

Tiger knee