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Attacking from a distance…

c.lp,,s.hp, dash, s.hk_s.hp (cancel to fire or super jump or DHC)

c.lp,,sent,s.hp, jump u/f, airdash lk,mp,hk

c.lp+sent<,xx,/ , airdash forward, falling close lk, \ /… options

Of these, the third is obviously the most desirable, but won’t keep them locked don as well I normally use it when I know I’ll get it, or when I already have bars (not worry about building with the blocked string). You can launch and keep going towards a corner, or strike, or,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp to finish it. The third option is gonna be the nice one for DHCing to IM… they’ll be dead or close to it.


TIA kinda sucks with this team. In the corner, however, you can get…
call sent, hk throw, d/f+hp IIRC, then long-ass corner combo (refer to previous threads from ancient history if needed).

off the noogie (hcb+hp), use…
dash+sent, OTG far,xx,/ , airdash forward (sent hits), falling lk, \ /… options (same os starting from the ground earlier)
… if you got a good mash on the noogie, finishing that with,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp will nearly kill them outright, and for sure with IM DHC, if you used this as a reset, they should be dead.

… so what’s the problem there? It’s rollable… blah. But you get out of range of where they end up rolling from the dash. You can stick out a meaty c.hp that they roll up into which will protect sent so he can get of the stage. If you want be really mean, you could unblockable just to fuck with their minds and then DHC off to sent (if you’ve got the bars).

So besides the corner, there’s not guaranteed followup to the noogie? WRONG…
hcb+hp (noogie), mash like hell, qcf+kk,xx,DHC to Proton cannon,xx,DHC to HSF, laser, rocket punch… blah blah blah.

If you’ve got bars, that will hit them before they hit the ground and get a chance to roll. even with only 3 bars you take about, depending on the throw mash, 60-70% of their life… 4 bars and go ahead and boost that another 20% or so…

HP Airthrow…
-Not much to say about this one… you can throw them into IM as an unfly reset, which I’ll cover later.
-If you’re at the very top of the stage, you can qcf+pp after the airthrow and immediately DHC to IM and it’ll catch them.
-If you’re not in unfly, you cannot perform much of anything after the throw (fly, teleport, inferno)…
-If you ARE in unfly, you can attack and use as many actions as you want after this throw… doesn’t usually do much, but…
… - When they’re near the ground and you get it (say you airdashed forward a little over their head height and got the throw by the corner), you could OTG falling far lp,close mk, \ /, d/f+hp into air combo.
-Also in the corner, when setting up Strikes, you can instead jump and call IM then airthrow towards the corner, which might be as good or better if you can make it consistant. This will reset the damage and let you recombo near the corner. If they techthrow out, then they’ll be in the middle of IM, and at the very least you can hcb+hk and if it’s hitting, inferno… if they’re blocking, strike (just like when they’re dropping in)… if they pushblock, they’re in normal jump mode since they tech threw, so you can aim the inferno forward and they should fall on it. =)

Best option from noogie in corner? Here’s what I found (start with like 1.5 bars-ish at least… requires two supers but is 100% on most chars at even most minimal mashing).
Noogie, normally jump lk+IM,d+mk,hk, airdash back (IM hits once, then twice), just as the second IM hit connects do inferno an aim up (you’ll be falling down), The inferno is unrollable, so continue with… \ /, dash, OTG,, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, (close) lk, (far)lk,mk,hk (holding forward to drift back in towards them a nd the corner), falling far hk, \ /, (you’re close now), normal jump forward with lk,d+mk,hk, \ /, qcf+kk… they die.

… You can also hit that same combo off of a couple of his corner guardbreaks, which I’ll cover later.


Here’s what I’m using so far, thank go Dhalsim has bar…


dash (unless they died right next to you without flying back), normal jump forward with far hk, qcf+pp,xx,DHC to proton cannon,xx,DHC to HSF…

That’s guaranteed on hit or block (or pushblock) ladies and gents! Takes bar, but for 3 bars you have sent on point and about 50% of the new characters life gone… if you start with like 4.5 or something (so Sent gets 3 HSF) it’s about 80-90% on most characters.

It combos on hit, guardbreaks on block, and proton cannon starts eating them if they pushblock.

… if you’re in the corner you could do this, and Sent will end up getting corner combo off it (you only used 3 bars) and then into unblockable into Sim assist and just kill whatever character was coming in.


  1. (half the screen away-ish), / , airdash forward, far hk, \ / (you land in the corner), then use j.lk_s.hk_d/f+hp or whatever to guardbreak… combos on hit, d/f+hp works best guardbreaking from this one I feel (harder to get space than the following, which is same move different angle and speed).

  2. start maybe 1-2 characters lengths from the corner and super jump u/f, then airdash down and hk before the start coming in, it should throw out far hk, somestimes if you’re close and got the hk late you get a close one (far one comes out even close if you hit it before they came on screen), \ /, and guardbreak with whatever you want.

Those also work on hit, block, or pushblock (you’re always getting something)

So for 1 bar and a reset or two bars you can kill a fresh character dropping in at the corner from full life… problem with the 2 bars guaranteed kill is it leaves the next character dropping in at the middle since you finished with a strike.

So if you start with like a bar and a half and want a character dead in the corner…

/ \ u/f, airdash down (far)hk, \ /, (hit or block doesn’t matter), normal jump forward, lk+IM<mk<hk, airdash back, falling qcf+pp, aim up (IM hits twice and drops them on top of the inferno), \ /, dash [unrollable],, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, close lk, far lk,mk,hk, (floating in), falling far hk, \ / (next to but lower than them in corner as they are falling), normal jump forward lk,d+mk,hk, \ /, qcf+kk… dead character.

If they pushblock, the hk into IM or just IM should hit at the end of the timer and you can go finish the combo from there.

option select (not a real guardbreak):
hcb+hk, look to see if hit or block… on hit cancel to inferno, on block cancel to strike.

Wow i really hope someone out there is paying attendtion to what your posting because it is great stuff. When the Dhalsim Dvd came out i tried to learn him, and i found that he really takes alot of Dedication to bring him up to his full potential. When summer starts i would like to pick him up again. Hopefully you have more insane knowledge to drop in these threads.

+rep on Marvel player points lol

Another REALLY easy guardbreak, but it only works after a snap in the corner, and can use this as long as you have bars to widdle down one character and then finish another.

snap, dash up into the corner, jump back with hk+IM so they land on the hk as they’re falling in.

… So why does this only work after a snap?
well, the hk has to be the far hk. If you kill a character and stick out an attack before the next character comes on the screen, it appears to judge distance from the dead character (who’s nudged in the corner), giving you close jumping hk and whiffing. After a snap the first character is considered far away, and it gives you the far version.

This is a very easy guardbreak… it combos on hit, and guardbreaks on block, sending them into you for d/f+hp into the corner combo.

NOTE: for some reason unbeknownst to me, OTG properties carry over into the next character. What’s this mean? You only get one true OTG per combo. Well, if you get FSD, OTG,xx,snap and then guardbreak the next character, for whatever reason it won’t let you do an OTG to the second character… this means if you snap from a combo with OTG and guardbreak the next character, you have to finish your corner combo after one rep up and down instead of using the FSD extension and doing two… at least you’ve done most of your damage by then.

This works well for cases where you won’t be able to kill a first character, but a second character is at half life or something.

Also, if you want to deal 100% to the new character after the snap and don’t want to deal with the harder timing on other guardbreaks, instead of the d/f+hp after this break you can just hcb+hk (3 hits),xx,inferno, DHC to proton cannon, DHC to HSF, dash, launch, combo… You may want to do an extended sentinel combo or reset with a throw if you already OTG’d the snap (because you won’t get to falling hp<OTG hk, unblockable…)

Ghetto guard break in corner…

tiger knee lp fire (blocked), lk,d+mk,hk, \ /, strike… UGGGGLY!

the corner combo reps…

starter rep: launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b, lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, falling far hk, \ /

final rep: launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b, lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, falling hk, \ /, normal jump lk,d+mk,hk, /, qcf+kk

The first rep must end with a far hk, the close hk will not produce flying screen deterioration. The second rep can end with either prior to the normal jump… as long as you end up close enough to combo the ender.

Timing can differ on different characters. If it looks like lp,lk,mk, lk,mp before the dash is going to put them up too high, you can just use lp,lk,mp,mk instead.

Putting them into the corner from a distance:
launch, \ /, hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /, d/f+hp, / . lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/f+lk, lk,mk,mk, [falling far hk, \ /, FSD stuff…)

This sends them way into the corner… if you are close enough to a corner by the end to get falling far hk…
if you land really close you can OTG,, / \ …
if you land kinda close you can OTG far,,xx,/ , airdash, lk,mp,hk, \ /, normal jump forward with lk,d+mk,hk, \ /, qcf+kk
if you land far you can OTG far c.lp,s.hp,xx,qcf+kk,xx,HDC to proton cannon…

Corner combo sentinel variation
launch, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, lk, far lk,mk,hk, falling far hk, \ /, FSD, OTG,,xx,hcb+hk (3 hits),xx,qcf+pp…

Combos on Sent suck… he’s too heavy =x

thanks for posting this stuff murakumo, those gaurdbreaks are awesome.

I have a midscreen trick to try. I’ll let you all know whether it works or not, later.

You can cross the opponent up with d/f+hp,… the idea is to dash under while the next character drops in midscreen, the animation is still from the front, but the hit is from behind (like storm crossup lightning attack)… could be good stuff! =)