Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer

The first one was quite good, probably the best movie based on a video game. Sean Bean is back as well.


will watch, although ‘3D’ is troubling. gotta love sean bean

Very intrigued by the trailer when I first watched it. Plan to go see it.

The blond with the short hair looks like the main character from silent hill 3. I wonder if they intended that. Movie looks good though.

Looking forward to this. Should make for a great birthday viewing.

I’ll watch this, for sure. Just saw SH for the first time 3 weeks back. Surprisingly creepy, and it didn’t even hit me until it was over.

Resident Evil is still my favorite vg movie, though. It wasn’t a faithful adaptation or well-written or anything…just liked it a lot.

Looks like ass. And I loved the first film.

I am a Silent Hill fan so I will be seeing it. I think the whole H.S. thing will help to bring something different for people new to the series. But we shall see.

silent hill 3 had a ok story, still like part 2 better

maybe cause this story follows part 3

Given the ending for the first movie, how the hell does Sean Bean’s character have another kid?

I saw the trailer yesterday and was not impressed. I already hate the 3D gimmick and seems like the movie is somewhat banking on it. The first movie was mediocre at best (I think it captured the overall vibe of Silent Hill very well, but was marred by sub-par acting, poor writing, and poor plot), and this movie looks to be much worse. I honestly expect this movie to crash and burn in the box office.

Seems so simple for normal people to put together right?

I don’t like Sean Bean’s odd in this film. Just a “hunch”. Looks decent.

well if you follow the SH story her body was spilt in 2 different parts, even in the movie there was a good Alyssa and a evil Alyssa.