Sigh ..... so called killing machine

The White Killing Machine


Twelve is the ultimate humanoid weapon created by Gill’s organization. His
shape-changing body is the complete, tempered form of that of his prototype,
There is absolutely no hope for its target!

gamefaq …

ROFL …just sad

Hey man, don’t go bashing gamefaqs like that. That basically is Twelve’s story, which is why it was written. In Twelve’s ending I’m pretty sure he was called the perfect fighter or something, although he ended up bottom tier. Anyways, the majority of the faqs on gamefaqs were created around 99 or 2000, right when the game came out so don’t expect the best combos or anything out of em. I’m sure around that time all you guys at srk didn’t know all the best combos and strats for each character in 3S.

story has nothing to do with gameplay though. For example, look at Thanos in MVC2, in the comics he kicked the shit out of everyone but was he top tier? Nope

I belive that is part of twelves story/ending. I also think they ripped it off of this website.
The gamefaq never tries to say twelve is top tier in gameplay and it cleary labels the description as STORY

go to the charchter select link and pick twelve . This is what it says:

The ultimate humanoid weapon. A killing machine that’s secretly self-aware. Twelve is the ultimate humanoid weapon. It’s a product of the G-Project which is part of Gill’s secret organization. Designed to be a stronger version of Necro, it has a fluid, shape shifting body. After completing the mission it returns to a capsule at a research institue to have its wounds healed and memories rewritten thus restroing it to its initial stage. However, this killing machine is beginning to become self aware, something which the scientists, including head researcher Dr. Kure, have not yet realized. With its protean body, Twelve’s unique combat style is based on constanly changing forms to become the optimal weapon for any giving situation. It also has the ability to copy every aspect of an opponent including appearance and abilities, giving it unimaginable power.

Characters stories are so irrelevent in how good a character is in the game. Example: Akuma is supposted to be one of the strongest characters in the game (story line wise) but int he game he is only mid tier. Same with Oro. Although Oro does use only one arm to even it out…but wouldn’t he still be top tier? And Ryu too would be top tier instead of mid and def about Ken, Chun and Yun.