Side Tournament: CvS2 Random Royal Rumble

Ok, this is a little fun format I’ve used with some friends, and I even threw it up once at a small local tourney. Basically, it goes like this:

EVERYBODY who wants to join signs up with the tourney organizer.
EVERYBODY gets dropped into a hat.

And then, the tournament name explains the rest.

Every round, we draw a name from the hat. That person sits down, and plays whoever won the previous match.

Every round, you play random groove, random characters. This means that for each round, you re-choose randomly, not just re-pick whoever you had the previous round. On console, random groove is much easier to handle than arcade anyway.

Basically, the last person left on the machine wins.

There is an additional rule, which is that if you can get 3+ wins, when you lose you go back into the hat. This rule is only allowed once (i.e. if you get 3+ wins, lose, then come back and get 3+ wins later, you don’t go back into the hat). This isn’t necessary, but if you’re playing for money, it helps ease the fact you may be drawn #1.

Well, what do you CvS2 players think? I’d be interested in running this side event, either at the BYoC room, or something at Evo this year. Usually you do some really small entry fee(like $1-$2) and make it winner take all.

Plus, it could make for a fun video to watch.

Sound very intresting and this format can have some very unique matches. If it’s goin’ down, I’m in! :tup:

fucking willy repping power station LB, that was a dope ass tourney btw. Im so in if you throw it.

i’m always down for random select battles, as long as it doesn’t go on for too long and takes me away from the actual tournies going on.

That’s not a tournament, thats a damn lottery. If 20 people enter, the last person drawn has to win 1 match (two if the person he just beat has 3+ wins), regardless of anything else. If one of the first two people drawn wins 17 matches, loses, gets redrawn, and then loses to be eliminated, your left with two people, one who has won only two games, and another that hasnt played at all. That last one match will determine the winner, even if that winner has only played one game.

We were able to draw up brackets for side tournaments in the BYOC room, and in my hotel room for well over 20 players. A random tournament would be cool, but a lottery is a waste of time.

Count me in…this shows TRUE skills…


I’m guessing the only way to avoid problems with the real event is to hold this side tourney the first night (registration night).

Sound good with everyone?

YES!! make it happen willy… $1 entry plz

I’m going to be running a tournament in this same format at the next Powerstation Tourney (thats in so cal, for all who don’t know). Everyone come check it out, to get a feel for the format

$1 Entry
Winner take all

Yea toodles has a point, all you gotta do is be the last person and really win one match. That doesn’t show TRUE skill like some guy said.

Rules Revision

Well, really, getting drafted last might not show true skill, but then it comes down to luck. Sure, you only have to win 1 match, but theoretically, that one match is going to be the BEST from all the people before you. Of course, luck of the random select also plays into all of this.

Here is the revised tournament format that I plan to run:

Date: TBA (First night of Evo Sign-ups, providing there is a BYOC room)
Time: TBA (sometime between 8-10 pm)
Game: PS2 CvS2
Controllers: Bring your own. Somebody may have one to lend, but don’t expect us to provide them for you.
Entry Cost: $2
Prizes: 50% of cash prizes to the last man standing
50% of cash prizes to the longest winning streak

Upon signing up, players will pay the $2 entry fee and write their Real name and handle onto a piece of paper. They will also be photographed (to prevent cheating, as well as to provide a picture to be used later in editing the videos).

All players will be entered into a random drawing. To start the event, two players will be drawn. These two players will be faced up against eachother. After the match, the winner will stay on the machine, and the loser will be eliminated from the event. We will draw another name, and they will step up to face whoever was left over from before. This will keep going until all players have been eliminated, except for one. This is the winner of the tournament.

Second Chance Rule:
To be fair, we are implementing a second chance rule. This rule works as follows: After winning your THIRD match in a row (to clarify: you just beat 3 people), you are qualified for a second chance. This means that after losing, you are not eliminated, but rather placed back into the drawing. Each player is only given one second chance, even if they come back and get another 3+ win streak.

Character Select Format:
As the name implies, all players will be playing on Random Select. To prevent cheating from random select memorization, characters/grooves will be chosen in the following way:

Will be done using the select random select method. Players must look away from the screen while choosing the groove. If you do not trust your opponent to pick randomly (i.e. you feel they have the timing memorized), you may opt to have the judge handle the random select for both players.

Players will place their cursor over the random select box, and choose their characters by THIS METHOD ONLY. Of you do not trust your opponent to pick randomly (i.e., you feel that they may know the timing for certain characters), you may opt to have the judge handle the random select for both players. Due to the nature of the random select on console, hidden characters will be used, and not re-chosen. (Note: Shin akum and Ult. Rugal will not be unlocked, but Evil Ryu and Blood Iori will).

The last person standing will win 50% of the pot (or, $1 for each person in the event)
The person with the LONGEST win streak (measured by how many opponents they beat) will win the other %50 of the pot (or, $1 for each person in the event). In the event of a tie, it will be looked if the players played eachother during the event. If they have, and a clear winner can be determined, they will win the prize money. If there is any tie that cannot determine a clear winner, a round-robin playoff will ensue between all those who are tied. (Determining a clear winner: If there are 2 players, and they played during the tournament, whoever won that match will be the winner. In the case of a 3 way or more tie, it can get kind of hairy, but the logical winner will be shown. At the very least, a round robin between all people who tied will take place)

By doing the prizes two ways, it actually makes things a little different. If somebody is drawn last, they may win the last man standing prize, but not the longest streak. Conversely, the first person drawn has the hardest time winning the last man standing, but the biggest opportunity for the longest streak. Everyone else in the middle lies somewhere in between.

this proves who has absolutely no life THE MOST, if that makes sense.

count me in :tup:

Count me in

I’m in

dakkonmc, I think your avatar sucks. Oh Yeah, I’m down for this.

BTW…For random select in VS mode you can just press start.

I’m in.

evo is gonna be hot. sign me up

Yeah, I was planning on using the start thing for random groove since it’ll be on console.

The only way this shit isn’t going down is if they don’t let us use the BYOC tv’s for this side-tourney, or if for some reason I can’t make it to vegas (cross your fingers).

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