Shuma 'unblockable'

no, not his super.

this is something i noticed while messing around with mags and shuma in training mode.

if you can get shuma’s expansion assist to hit behind the opponent, the last hit of the assist will force the opponent to turn around.

Tested on DC, training mode, AI on all block.

Mags: call in shuma, jump, dash over opponent. opponent blocks shuma assist from behind. On the last hit, the opponent turns around and blocks the opposite direction.

Can anyone test this vs. real opponent because I only have one stick for now and no access to arcade or stick/controller?

Also, shumas expansion assist has a small vacuume effect that sucks the opponent toward you when they block it. It also does some very nice chip damage as well. Corner stomp strings with sentinel and shuma are fun…

The assist can be blocked high or low, but the cool thing about it is even if its blocked, all attacks with hit the opponent, leaving them in a block stun for a long period of time. with mags. + shuma,…opponent is low blocking. Thats a free over head.

Shuma FSD combo > CD is awesome…

more stuff later.

i’ll try this out and get back to you. Expansion assist as in the eye-ball projectile one right?

i don’t think it’s unblockable, auto guard from the first hits would prevent it, unless you get all the other hits to whiff then maybe.

it would be like Cable’s Magic bullet, you would have to make all the other hits whiff, and i don’t think thats really easy to set up with shuma, or even practical unless you can find a really good use.:wonder:

shuma has a pretty good instant overhead sequence with some helpers

jump lk, will combo with him into tron and it’s safe

after you build up 3 bars, dash in,s.mkXXchaos dimension is reaaaaally cheap

I like messing with Shuma a lot. He/she/it was on one of my first marvel teams waaay back. I don’t have anything spectacular, but for the sake of a Shuma bump…

Random Shuma garbage:

HP grab plus Tron is good damage, and Shuma’s command grab also works.

You can Tiger Knee the charge back, forward kick move (Shuma Roll?). The TK’d LK version is very short compared to the normal arc, and the HK one has a tighter angle to it than normal. Not quite sure how to use this, but it sure does look cool :tup:.

To do a charge move right after HP throw you have to charge opposite during the throw, then press toward plus whatever button. Really random.

Shuma is a nice in certain THCs. Jugg/Charlie(Proj)/Shuma let’s Jugg follow-up Head Crush or launcher combo after.