Shuma RushDown

Hey guys i was playing today at a local cade by my house Planet X in Michigan to be exact. Anyway i was playing Team Marvel Super Heros.

>The team is Shuma,Doom,Thanos. but i think Shuma can rushdown or put up a good good fight and be up there with the best of them. maybe a good mid tier nothing top but definitely mid tier at best. his command grab is the best it stops everything that trys to counter it and then you can cancel any regular attack with his command grab to cut the frame animation for some moves. for example you corner a guy with shuma and doom you would go *(, land dash in lk+doom anti-air hkxxcommand grab)* now usually the hk would hit about six times but for more lock down options you can cancel in between those six hits to dash back in or do a mystic stare something. its good for rushdown and mind games too. just thought i share some stuff with you guys i really think that those two key options he has can make him a actual playable character. i just want to hear you guys feedback on this. im gonna make some in game vids soon so you can see it in play peace. 

 >Oh and to mention his chaos dimension can grab out of block stun. so you can go *( land dash-in c.lp anit air cancel into Cd as soo nas dooms rocks come out then while ther blockin you can grab them right out of it.)* TOO DAMN SWEET!!!!!! lol

yeah he is the best EVAR! LAWL!!one!1!!

jk yeah your right, he’s a good mid tier and definitely underrated. Once i saw that shuma vid, i was a believer. hmm anybody know the link?

i could see possibilities of using Shuma for keepaway. in the air, you can aim his FP which has great range and with a good assist, it kinda makes him a lil hard to get to. and that dash backwards means he cant wave dash backwards, but its almost like a teleport which i like.