Shtkn's UMVC3 sprites (NGPC style) 50/50 finished!

Hey everyone, I’ve been making NGPC (NeoGeo Pocket Color) styled sprites for a long time now, but i never bothered to post them here until now. You might have seen my work on dustloop (i made all the BB and GG you see on the sides of the forums), but recently i’ve been making a few marvel ones and i figured it would be relevant to the people here.

comments/suggestions welcomed. assuming i don’t get sick of it, i’m going to go through the whole umvc3 cast eventually. I also might need people’s help finding reference images to work off of since i sold my copy of marvel a month back haha.

feel free to use them for avatars or whatever, just don’t try to pass it off as your work

also, here’s some more mvc3 sprites i made (since i can’t fit anymore in 1 post)


i really liked these on dustloop. please make more!!!

ok, i’ve kinda hit a problem. since i dont’ have the game, i don’t know if my heights are correct. for example, i know dormammu is tall, but is he as tall as sentinel? what about hulk or nemesis (yes i know ultimate isn’t out yet) or any of the bigger characters? also, i haven’t seen any decent pics of shuma to work on anyone care to take a screenshot? if anyone can help answer these questions, i’d appreciate it.

as far as i know, your depiction of height amongst the characters is pretty accurate. what you have for dormammu above seems fine. nemesis is actually slightly taller than sentinel in-game from what i’ve seen but narrower of course. hulk and thor could use some bulking up from the above sprite sizes. if you make tron you can base her overall size on these two.

i am at work so i can’t take pics but google doesnt turn up anything really helpful

thanks for the advice, i bulked up hulk and made thor a bit taller too. ill leave nemesis alone until i can get some decent in game screenshots to work off of then.

alright, i’m pretty stuck now… waiting on rocket racoon/ frank west and i need a decent screenshot of shuma gorath…

They work nicely as sigs ( I think) Sorta like this

Shtkn, been a fan of your stuff since 07 as paladinzio(i believe), I lurked dl back then and saw those GGX sprites you have. I thought it they were done by arc sys lol

whoo finished. i’ll probably make a few extra ones when i get the game.

edit: since apparantly i can’t have more than 50 images per post:

I think srk should use these images for their character sub-forums.


(he’s not finished yet)

Amazing man!