Shoyuken help for seth

im using the ps3 controller i think its stupid but i need help on doing shoyuken because i tried doing it like every possible way and its either teleporting or doing his ultra >_< just asking if theres any easier way to do this Thansk

Yes, don’t hit PPP, hit either lp, mp or hk butons, then it’s impossible for teleport or ultra to come out… also sounds like you’re mashing it if dqcf is always registering - do :df: :d: :df: :p: that’s all you need. This is really a question for the newbie saikyo dojo though, as it’s not a character specific question, and even if it were, it doesn’t deserve its own thread, there’s a simple q&a thread you know!

sorry for late reply but thankss and sorry for posting in the wrong place again ><