Shows, games, and other media that would translate well to the fighting genre

This is just a humble thread for things that you feel are long due to have a fighting game iteration. So many anime, manga, that were so obviously influenced by this genre, but their games have yet to be realized.

I’m still waiting on my Chronotrigger fighting game which you would have thought would a shoe in since it had that Toriyoma design. Of course now that I am an old man, I know that I will go to my grave without this dream ever being realized. People will be playing a Robot Unicorn x Idol Master 3 before I will ever see anything that would directly translate into a fighter.

Damn this world with its ironic unfunny humor, like god was replaced with Jimmy Fallon.

I think Dead man Wonderland would lend itself to a fighting game. I’m actually very surprised one hasn’t materialized by now.

Yeah it would. But it’s not cute and feminine nor is it kiddy enough like Bleach or some shit so it will never happen. LOL, Idk if thats true, but it would interesting to see a game with everyone sharing the same kind of aspect with their blood powers, maybe having some kind of tug of war mechanics in it and an anemia meter.

WTF? Chrono Trigger as a fighting game?

I still suspect that The Boondocks will get one, an official or fan made one.

I’d love to see a S.cry.ed fighter or Fairy Tail fighter. A TTGL fighter would be pretty cool as well, of course, every gunman would have to be scaled to be the same size.

To the OP, you have a little bit of hope in Card Saga Wars. At least it has Chrono as a playable character. Just need to hope it’s released before I’m dead.

+1 for a boondocks fighting game.

I once had an idea to make a fighting game based off of Zodiac symbols; Lion, Crab, Archer, Virgin, Twins, Bull, etc. It’s a shame I can’t draw half of those things very well.

When it comes to something recent that not only lends itself to the genre but is one of, if not the only show to have top quality Flash animation, this show comes right to mind.

Show is like a french DBZ with so many things borrowed from other fighting anime. Plus I love how all the characters look so different, even the ones that are similar have so many subtle differences. Hell the fucking crowds in the background have more personality, individuality, and movement in them than most shows that just consist of moving mouths and quick, cheap movements.

We need a proper 2D One Piece fighting game.

Also, 2011 ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra pretty much has Sentinel’s pink spit.

official Robot Unicorn fighting game thread

My girl wanted to know why a bunch of grown men are obsessed with a cartoon for tween girls?

I told her that it’s a bunch of guys that love anything with big eyes and sparkly colors.

She said they sound like some full throttle faggots. She was raised in San Fran btw.


Anyway, a Thundercats game would be that hot fire. But I can hardly remember the cast outside of the main characters and Mum-ra.

I’ve wanted a Tenjho Tenge fighting game for a while. Author Oh! Great has indicated that he would like to see a fighting game of his manga made, and have even half jokingly asked Bandai Namco about it (fyi he has also designed costumes for Tekken 5 and Tekken 6) but I don’t think it will ever happen, especially since the series has concluded and its popularity peaked years ago.

Police Academy
Whose Line Is It Anyway vs Capcom

Fullmetal Alchemist

Teacher vs Envy
Kimbley vs Mustang
Riza vs Lust
Olivier vs Wrath
Scar vs Ling/Greed
Hohenheim vs Edward
Alex vs Teacher’s Husband

I support this only if we get Clive Anderson back on the roster instead of fucking Drew Carey. :wink:

Your wish was destroyed with this utter rubbish:

(Unless you meant the original)

Hell no, fat Drew is too broken. Fuck thin Drew.

Pokemon - no seriously, just playing Brawl 1v1 with Trainer only is more exciting than the turn-based gameplay Nintendo uses


:[ that made me sad

I have long held the belief that a Hellsing fighting game developed by Arc System Works would be the best licensed game of all time