Showing off my new setup!

I’ve had my supergun sitting in a box for about a month now. Poor thing…

Today I got lucky and found this little coffee table at Bi-Mart for $50!

anyways, here’s how i’m playing my arcade hardware from now on.

TV is a little big, but it’ll do until I get something to replace it. Now i’m off to hook up the Naomi.


I’m jealous. Your XMvSF actually works. As of today, this is what mine looks like. :frowning:


My only question is whether you intend to play the game kneeling before the god that is Ryu. :wink:

kneeling is pretty lame.

you bought a nice-ass supergun, and you don’t pimp out your setup?

What the frick are you guys talking about. I tried to make it like a candy cab, where it’s supposed to be shorter. I do have a chair ya know …

and Numbski I’m afriad to say, but your XvSF board has indeed suicided. : (

it looks like you have to hunch over to play…i hope it’s not uncomfortable.

eh, it’s not that bad. I do have to lean over a litte, but I can deal. I mean it took forever just to find a table that would fit in that spot, so i’m not being too picky.

That’s a pretty clean table.

Looks at my setup

I need to dust that shit. :confused:

Yeah, I’ve already contacted Raz about getting it Phoenixed. Not too bad - $43 + shipping for the chips to Finland. Could be worse - it’s just that I’d always hoped to keep it stock and not phoenix the thing. :frowning:

Look at the bright side I guess - won’t have to concern myself over the battery anymore.