Show off your tattoos/bodyart

I took the plunge today. Got my first tattoo. Whacha got, SRK?

edit the artist is here with me. She’s curious as to what y’all think of her work.

its alright…seems kinda shaky…like she was nervous to do it. shoulda stenciled the name…looks freehanded.

i dont have a tatoo yet but i went into illustrator and am gonna get rock howards symbol as a back tatoo.

i havent decided if i wanna replace the wings with more realistic wings.

looks pretty shitty

poor illustration, very poor lettering- i hope you didn’t have to pay for this

why would you get a zangief tat?

should have got the tribal armband


fatherbrain arent you from down myway?..because my roomate is a pierecer down in LITTLE FIVE POINTS at one of the bigger tattoo shops in ATLANTA…im getting the huge metalic chrome and purple decepticon symbol done on my chest…among some other spawn…darth maul and starscream and megatron goodies for sleeves and legwork…ive been caught up in work…i just recently went up to 9/16th in glass on my ear im not going any bigger…here is a pic
Shot with E4600 at 2007-07-04

shouts out to maxx

I hate to disapoint her, but the artwork on the gief tatt is extremly bad.

Unfortunatly, I agree on this completely. You dont think youll regret a Zangief tat in the future?

nothing wrong with a gief tat, fb screw the haters

…now the quality on the other hand…

i like the extra nipple on the bicep

god damn nigga…that things huge. wut do you do as a job that you can wear that?

fatherbrain: the main things that the girl needs to work on as an artist is

1.not so shaky hand…looks nervous
2.stencil lettering if your not confident in your skills
3.her proportions are off on the muscles and where the indentations are.

are you friends with her and she needed practice?

With the Diplomats eagle in the middle?:cool:

My friend has one like that, except it’s blue and quite a bit smaller.

@ Fatherbrain: Nothing wrong with a Gief tat, but the pic/lettering could’ve been a lot cleaner.

I own 2 window tinting and paintless dent repair/body shops in ATlanta…i service alot of dealerships also but i never wear that big glass unless i go out and bboy or maybe just to chill downtown…luckily 9/16th is a good size where when i wear jsut the glass plug andconservative peeps realy dont notice…these are what i wear to bed and when im at work…
Shot with E4600 at 2007-07-04

its a big difference from this huh?

but when i put on my work hat it covers up my mohawk also :cool:

lovin the valient comic poster.

thanks…copped it from a comic book shop for 5 bucks…i looked all over for a MAGNUS ROBOTFIGHTER…but thats all they had…

XO Manowar. You fucking dork. =p

I’m even dorkier for remembering his name. Remember the Ironman/XO Manowar game for the PSX? That shit was great. I don’t care how crappy it was. I enjoyed it. Doughboy was pretty beast.


Gief tattoo = good shit :tup:

Quality of that tattoo = pure shit :shake:

You can have parts touched up later to make the 'Gief look a tad better, I personally never get tats with lettering but if you thought it through and are happy with it then it nobody else’s business.

My sleeve is almost done:
One more trip to the chair.

Yo Jared, I know a good tattoo artist when you’re ready. You ever get your new phone number so you, me, Tommy and Los can get together?

Nice try Leigh…but my number has been the same since the begining of the year and ive texted you all of 50 times and left you tons of voicemails til i just finally just gave up… remeber last time i talked to you was when KOOP pulled the WILLY T RIBBS steeze and tore off down 285 like the 1-75 exit was the checkered flag …my number is still the same…404 503 3723

While we’re on the subject of tattoos, how many of you actually think that girls shouldn’t get tattoos? For some reason that shit just turns me away…:sad: